Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Where exactly is this place (1)?

Photo No. 1

Among the photos that Geoffry Pain sent me was this one taken by his dad around 1965 to 67. I have been cracking my head, trying to figure where exactly is this place.

a) The road sign says, Grange Road. Looking through my old street directories, I would guess that the road on the right is Orchard Road. But if this was the junction of Grange Road and Orchard Road, then where is Mandarin Hotel and Orchard Theatre?

b) If this is not the junction of Grange Road and Orchard Road, then what is the name of the road on the right and what is that building in this photo? I know for sure that Orchard Theatre was already up in 1967 because I saw the movie Sound of Music there in 1966 or thereabouts. But I’m not sure about Mandarin Hotel.

Photo No. 2

This 1960 photo of Orchard Road was sent to me by Roger White together with another photo of a Lockheed Super Constellation on the tarmac at Paya Lebar in 1960/61 (which I will share with you another time).

Question: Where exactly is this place?


Ngiam Shih Tung said...

My 1969 street directory shows Orchard Theatre but no Mandarin Hotel. The wikipedia entry for Mandarin Hotel also says that it was only built in 1971. Quite likely, the open site in the mid-ground is the site of Mandarin Hotel. If Orchard Theatre had already been built it would have been just beyond the left side of the photo.

Based on the drain running parallel to the road, and the fact that all other junctions with Grange Rd (e.g. Paterson Hill, Tanglin Rd) are not on flat ground, I'd have to say that the junction is indeed that of Grange and Orchard Rds.

The building in the background is probably Ngee Ann Building, which is described as having been ten storeys high. The PICAS picture of Ngee Ann Building being um.. demolished also matches that shown here, though from the other side.


Dogcom said...

I think Ngiam is right. Ngee Ann Bldg, I recognise.

Icemoon said...

I concur with Shih Tung. The apartment? should be Ngee Ann building. The giveaway is the big longkang in front, this must be our friend Stamford Canal. Wisma Indonesia is behind Ngee Ann, too bad we can't see its distinctive Minangkabau roof clearly. If we blow away the trees, we should see Fitzpatrick or its car park. Not sure whether the building visible on the edge is Orchard Building.

Icemoon said...

Photo No. 2 should be in the Cold Storage vicinity, think opposite Orchard Road market. The open space beside shophouse would be future glutton square. That must be Ovaltine advert on it!

peter said...

Photo 2 = Koek Road. The row of shophouses (had florist shop) was at the corner of Killiney Road and Orchard Road, now Orchard Central. The space between the 2 row of shops was Orchard Road Glutton Square. The car is parke din front of Orch Road Market (now Orchard Plaza???).

Photo 1: Left o f pic (hidden ) was Orchard Cinema alreayd built by '67. The empty space would be future Meritus Mandarin. On the right of photo in the background behind road sign was Prince Garni Hotel (now Park Hotel????).

Lam Chun See said...

Photo #1. I had considered that Orchard Theatre could be on the left of this photo. But it is just that the ground is so bare; and and no hint at all of anything to the left.

Strange. I have zero recollection of this area prior to construction of Mandarin. If my memory serves me, originally Mandarin Hotel was only 1 block facing Orchard Rd. The other block (perpendicular to Orchard Rd) was added later isn't it?

Lam Chun See said...

Photo #2. Icemoonis right. The advert says "Ovaltine" in Chinese . From right to left it reads, 啊华田 , but in traditional 'fan ti'.

Peter, I still do not get your explanation. Which side of Orchard Road is the photographer standing?

peter said...

Chun See

Photographer standing on Koek Road (on the side of present centerpoint) in front of Orchard Plaza andthe trishaw on the side of Orchard Point.

After Mandarin Hotel built on that empty land in Photo #1,there was a OUB branch and a drive-in ATM facing Orchard Bdlg (that time got Yuyi Emporium). Now Orchard Bdlg is today is same bdlg as when it was built but renovated (one time California Fitness occupy some space).

But in 1967 when this photo was taken where the photographer stood was a single storey building which had a car distributor selling (Singapore Motors I think) selling Opel car. That bdlg selling car now Orchard Shopping Center.

peter said...

chun see
, the land was bare bcos it was Ngee Ann Kongsi cemetery ground, some parts cleared but behind Ngee Ann Bdlg graves not cleared...remember some years ago Metro fight with Ngee Ann Kongsi and finally case resolved splitting the future revenues from building Takashimaya?

before they build Mandarin Hotel, there was a big cinema billboard at that spot facing Grange Road...I think advertise for Cathay Organization.....

Dogcom said...

Wow I am amazed at Peter's memory. Lot of stuffs here I knew but have pretty much forgotten or remember vaguely.

Picture 2.on this side of the road should be Orchard Wet Market.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the Ngee Ann Building and the opened canal ... anyone remember the Mont D'Or Cake Shop at the building?

Lam Chun See said...

My friend Dr Tan Wee Kiat did mention to me verbally that the Mont D'or Cake Shop was there. At that time this shop was very famous. But it is only later when I started working that I bought any cakes from them. I used to go to the one at Queenstown. Below the Tah Chung Emporium.

Anonymous said...

The Mont D'Or at Ngee Ann Building was where my parents used to get birthday cakes for me ... Ngee Ann building also housed some specialist clinics one of which my grandfather used to visit... speaking of the Tah Chung Emporium - I lived at Commonwealth Crescent until I was 3 1/2 - and I remember taking walks to the are with my parents and buying marbles for myself and my dad's fish tank from the Emporium.