Thursday, July 12, 2018

Interviewed for a school project

Yesterday, I presented a copy of my book to this poly student, Aisyah who interviewed me about Gillman Barracks for her assignment. 

In fact, 2 weeks ago, another student interviewed me about Toa Payoh for the same assignment. He told me a third student wanted an interview about Beauty World. I told him if I said Yes, their lecturer would probably conclude that I do this for a living.

Lol. Thanks to all these poly and uni lecturers, who like to give assignments which require the students to interview oldees like me and Jerome Lim (actually he is much younger), I have been kept busy these past few years. I have lost count actually.

The most time-consuming ones are video projects; like the recent one by a team of Ngee Ann Poly students who filmed me at my home, Kallang Riverside Park and Chuan Lane – where my kampong house once stood.

I do not mind helping the students. But I have decided not to accept any more requests for tv documentaries. You spend hours with them, and in the end, you appear for a less than half a minute. The most disappointing experience was with a company called Oak Tree Films who came to my house to film me for an episode of Project Neighbourhood. After spending the whole morning with them, I appeared for just a few seconds in the final product. Makes you feel as if you are so hard-up to appear on tv.

Besides such assignments and projects, I have also given talks at Spore Poly, RI and recently, my alma mater, NJC.