Sunday, December 26, 2010

Can you identify this place?

The photo below was taken around 1965 to 1967 by Geoffrey Pain’s father. Where exactly is this place?

UPDATED – 29 Dec 2010

I think the unanimous answer is: North Pier and Telok Ayer Basin. Most people know about Clifford Pier; but North Pier and South Pier are not so well-known. Further down; at the end of Prince Edward Road was Finger Pier.

Below are 3 more photos showing the same place from different directions. North Pier is the one where there is a building with white roof.

Photo No. 1 – Clifford Pier and North Pier viewed from the East; probably Fullerton Building. (Photo credit: Memories of Singapore)

Photo No. 2 – Aerial photo of Clifford Pier and North Pier viewed from the South. (Photo credit: Memories of Singapore)

Photo No. 3 – Aerial photo of Clifford Pier and North Pier viewed from the West. (Photo credit: National Archives of Singapore)

By the way, does anyone know why the two piers are named North and South Pier? I thought East and West Pier would be more appropriate.


peter said...

Teluk Ayer Basin which is now the piece of land behind One Shenton and where The SAIL sits.

Zen said...

I also think it is telok Ayer Basin because of small crafts berthing around and vessels seen in the inner and outer roads.

Lam Chun See said...

Telok Ayer Basin is too general. I want the name of the pier.

FL said...

According to my old copy of Singapore Street Directory (1969 edition),the photo shows the North Pier at the Telok Ayer Basin. The other side is called the South Pier. I remember there was also a detached mole protecting the rough sea towards the then Telok Ayer Basin. It has been taken over by reclaimed land.

peter said...

South Pier's entrance is is via today's Maxwell Raod towards the ECP.

North Pier (I didn't know that) wa sonce the HQ for the Singapore Navy before they moved to Pulau Brani in 1971 (I think). Prior to that it was the HQ for the Royal Malayan Volunteers Force (Singapore branch) because "KD Malaya" in Woodlands (which wa sits previous home) was given to the Federation of Malaya in 1957.

Just after confrontation ended in 1966, Teluk Ayer Baisn was the only authorized zone which allowed barter trade between Indonesia and Singapore. Back then I saw many sampans form Batam sailing into Singapore offering to sell rubber and corpra to Singapore. We sold them medicine, etc.

When Singapore became independent, I believe there was a trianing ship called "Panglima" anchored there. My first impression when we got our independence whilst looking at 2 naval vessels we got was "How in the world are we going to defend this country?". Now when I look at Changi Naval Base, OMG what a transformation - we now have submarines, etc

Zen said...

While working in the PSA I had visited Telok Ayer Basin a number of times. I will make a guess here - could it be the finger pier? I could remember on one occasion where there was a grand firework display above collyer quay during a festive celebration, meanwhile large crowd of onlookers and vehicles jammed up all the feeder roads leading to the sea front, with everyone clambering for vantage viewing points. I drove my family right into Ayer Basin wharves to enjoy easy parking facilities and unobstructed view of the ongoing pyrotechnic display.

Lam Chun See said...

Cannot be Finger Pier. FP was much further down at Prince Edward Rd; just next to Spore Poly. Our good friend Chuck used to work there. Furthermore, Finger Pier was around until quite recently I think.

I agree with FL that this is North Pier. The photo was probably taken from Asia Insurance Bldg or a nearby bldg. Later I will post a section of the map of this area; plus another photo taken from the direction of Fullerton Building.

But I find it hard to believe that this small place can be the HQ of the Spore navy.

Thimbuktu said...

Is the Telok Ayer Basin near the Robina Tower at Shenton Way?

The famous "Ah Kun" original kopi and toasted roti was located at the Telok Ayer hawker centre in the 1980s.

Lam Chun See said...

Friends. I have just posted 3 photos to show the location of North Pier - it's the one which there is a long building with white roof.

Sorry, too troublesome to scan the map. I have problem with my scanner.

Victor said...

>By the way, does anyone know why the two piers are named North and South Pier? I thought East and West Pier would be more appropriate.

North Pier and South Pier were close to each other, probably only hundreds of metres apart. Both were located near the city centre but the former was further up North compared to the latter and hence the names.