Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Advantage of Working from Home

Recently, I gave up my rented office to work from home. My son was quite glad because he wanted to interview me for his Business Studies project which looks at the advantages and disadvantages of working from the home.

But I didn’t count on one other advantage; which was to have regular pretty visitors.

This is my work station. It is inside our master bedroom. Good thing people our age do not need much sleep. Otherwise, the bed could be a real distraction. Can you see the guava tree just outside my window? It’s what attracted the pretty visitors.

First there was this Yellow-vented bulbul.

Bulbul eating guava (1)

Then came this beautiful green colour bird.

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot 2

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot 1

When I told my son (our resident expert on plants and animals) that we had a parrot eating our guavas, the smart alec told me it was not a parrot but probably a Lorikeet. Parrots are much bigger it seems. But thanks to the power of the internet, I was able to tell him he was wrong. I consulted the real expert, Mr YC Wee of
Bird Ecology Study Group and he told me it was a Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot. Darn .. now I have to rename my photo files.

“It is tiny in size, often hangs upside down to get at the fruits, has a blue spot on the crown in the male only”, wrote YC in an email. “They are relatively rare. Lucky you to have them in your guava tree.”

Yes lucky me. And it even brought along a companion a few days later. Walter my marketing guru friend from would call this ‘referral business’.

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot 3

I noticed something interesting about the way it eats the guava. It takes a ‘bite’, bends down its head and ‘chews’ for a few second and then spits out what I think are the seeds. I thought birds always swallow the seeds and then excrete them; and thus help to propagate the plant?

Anyway, I better let the experts comment on this. I have sent several photos to YC. Hope he can tell us more about this beautiful bird.


Anonymous said...

Back from my holidays and able once again to catch up with your blog Chun See. Yes I also work from home but unfortunately cannot see the garden or birds from my window. But the advantages include seeing more or my wife, taking coffee together when she is at home and of course being able to work long hours or extra days if absolutely neccessary (or to go off to the gym when things are quieter). Best of luck with the home-working, I certainly don't miss the commute to London I used to do every day!

Victor said...

It looks like the regular pretty visitors are also pretty regular ones too. It wasn't so long ago that you announced the arrival of twins in your family.

Lam Chun See said...

Yes Brian. One of the biggest (real) advantages of working from home is avoiding the need to commute to work. I used to rent my office in industrial areas like MacPherson/Aljunied Estate and Jalan Pemimpin in Upper Thomson. Such places have lots of heavy vehicles. And many Sporean drivers will tell you, these guys drive in very 'big bully' style. In the end, I usually go to office at a later hour (after 10am) and leave early (before 5 pm) to avoid the traffic resulting in much loss of productivity.