Friday, August 10, 2007

My Twins at 2 (weeks)

My my .. see how much they have grown. Can you spot the difference from 1 week ago. The feathers, the colours and the fully developed beaks.

subird babies@ 2weeks(1)

They need lots of proteins.

subird babies@ 2weeks(2)

Don’t rush now. There’s plenty where that came from.

subird babies@ 2weeks(3)

Chew your food properly you hear!

subird babies@ 2weeks(4)

Darn … and now to clean up mess. Good thing I know a bit of 5S and in Singapore we have this thing call baby bonus.

subird babies@ 2weeks(5)


Anonymous said...

Been following your update on these little creatures. I can see that 'letting go' will not be easy :)
Reminds of my mother's chide to me when I ventured out once too often - "so now you have wings, you can fly"...

JollyGreenP said...

Swiss Cottage was probably named during colonial times after an area of London known as Swiss Cottage. There is a London Transport station in Finchley Road of the same name. See google maps link below.,+Finchley+Rd,+Camden,+London,+United+Kingdom&sll=38.548165,108.984375&sspn=125.37587,244.335938&ie=UTF8&cd=2&ll=51.543359,-0.175202&spn=0.007126,0.014913&z=16&om=1

I have often wondered where the name came from and it is popular also appearing in other parts of the UK.

Great to see your feathered friends making good progress.
John H.

Anonymous said...

Susan said:
Need help or advice please. One of 2 sunbirds just died. It fell off from the nest 3 days ago(nest located at my backyard & I have since laid thick bedsheets to cushion its subsequent falls).I have carefully put it back in the nest whenever it fell off the nest in the last 3 days (not sure if it was pushed out from the nest by the other chick or?) This morning, it was still chirping when I returned it to its nest. 3 hours later, I went to check on the chicks and it apparently fell off the nest again and now, dead :-( Not sure if it had injured itself during the 1st fall or too hungry? Now, the nest is left with 1 chick. Occassionally, the mother bird will return (I had to hide behind the kitchen door in order ont scare the mother bird away). Now I am worried that the other chick may not survive. I have already laid thick bedsheet on the tiled floor to cushion the fall. What else do I need to do?

Lam Chun See said...

Hi Susan. I think it is better for you to pose your question to the experts at the Bird Ecology Study Group. Shy to say, I quite ignorant about this beautiful creatures.

Anonymous said...

Susan said...
Many thanks Mr Lam. I had already posted the question in the said group.Awaiting the expert's reply. Hahaha seems that I am more anxious than the chick's mum!