Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From My Inbox (12 August) – Rubber Factory along Lorong Chuan

You blogged about Lorong Chuan some time back, and I left a comment about an old rubber factory there. There is an old ruin still there now, round about where the rubber factory was. I'm not sure whether this might have been an old guard house at the factory or something else.



These pictures were taken at the curve of Lorong Chuan, where it presently intersects boundary road, behind a row of new houses (no.258-260). The ruin is just visible from the main road when driving by.

Ngiam Shih Tung


Anonymous said...

Chun See - you are probably right on the location of the rubber factory (dust red colour). I used to go to my mother-in-law house in plantation avenue, which was situated some distance away, on the left hand side of the factory, viewing from Lorong Chuan. Later on the site was cleared to build new houses. Now the whole village in plantation avenue disappeared from the street directory, including the name.

Lam Chun See said...

Zen. Actually a tiny bit of Plantation Avenue is still around. It is off Yio Chu Kang. But even shorter than Lily Avenue. But at least still around - better than Lorong Kinchir :(

Anonymous said...

Chun See- You are right. Remember the 'reckie' to Serangoon garden with our sister Pat. After visiting Serangoon Garden, on the way home, you stopped and crossed over to locate lorong kinchir, next to the former Timex bldg. The industrial bldg complex has now become bigger, but lorong kinchir? even the kampong path has disappeared. The place is fenced up, not even a sign showing govt land is being put up.