Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mystery Solved

Remember this quiz question I posed 1 year ago asking you to identify this plant which supplied Chuck with bullets for his toy gun?.


Thanks of my friend Dr Tan Wee Kiat and his friend Joseph Lai, I have found the answer. It is known as Thunbergia Fragrans, common name White Lady or Angel Wings. In Chinese it is 碗花草。 This is what Wee Kiat informed me through email:

"Incidentally, there are 2 members of this family of plants that I come across frequently. One is at Blk 60 playground, off Bedok Avenue 3 near Bedok View Secondary School. The other, a very extensive one, is hanging all along the fence, off the ECP at Tanjong Rhu. This where they are now building the Fort Road end of the Kallang - Paya Lebar Expressway which connects with the PIE ."

Another mystery is this one.


Chuck was told by the gardener that it was used to catch crickets. They put some chemical in the pail to attract the crickets.

So it’s 2 down and 1 more to go. So far no one could solve the mystery of these strange fruits.

Strange Fruit (2)


Victor said...

Next question (a multiple choice one). Why do they want to catch crickets on a golf course? Is it because:

1. The crickets interfere with the golf games, with their incessant and distracting chirping or whatever?

2. Someone wanted to use them as bird feed?

3. Someone wanted to use them stage cricket fights?

Anonymous said...

Hi Victor,
Besides cirket, it is also used to catch beetles.
And the answer to your questions:

1. No. They don't interfere with our games.

2. Yes. Used as bird and fish feed.

3. No staging of cricket fights, but they sell the beetles to pet shops.

Victor said...

Ah I see. Thanks Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Finally I get to know the name of the bullet plants. I always keep a lookout for this plant and discovered that they can be found at : The fence surrounding the SBS Depot at Defu Lane, the fence along a primary school along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 and a track off Punggol 24 Ave.

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