Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cool Speak

The other day, I received an interesting email from an officer with the National Heritage Board asking for permission to quote a line from my earlier article, Blogging For Seniors, for one of their publications. The line in question says … "Blogging is cool. It helps us to connect with the younger generation."

Re-reading my article, I began to see why they should be amused at the unusual language used by this 54-year old. I realize that at the time I wrote the article, the adjective ‘cool’ came naturally to me. I guess it is due to my frequent interaction with my teenage children and their cousins. For example, my 14-year old daughter’s verbal vocabulary of adjectives virtually consists of two words only – cool and lame.

I remember a remark she once made when she heard that I had more than 100 hits a day in blog: “Wah, so cool.”

While on the subject of being 'cool', I think what one of the so-called P65 MP’s, Mr. Hri Kumar said in parliament makes a lot of sense

“We do not need to dress down or dance to a younger beat – younger and older Singaporeans did not elect us because of our fashion sense or the fact that we can party at Zouk. We are and must always be the party with the broader mind, the better argument, the creative solution, the inclusive policies and the bigger heart. Let others pretend they are cool and hip. Let us show the difference between smart and not. Between qualified and not. Between honest and not. We may not be cool in the eyes of the youth, and we should not act like we are. But I believe that if they see us as determined, intelligent and sincere people, little else will matter. “

If that's the case, I hope they, the post65 MP’s are ‘intelligent’ enough not to go ahead with that foolish idea to dance the hip-hop in Chingay 2007.

Photo courtesy of : young grasshopper


Victor said...

Your latest 2 posts seem to be directed at the young and the present, not the old and the olden days. Are you running out of nostalgic topics to blog about? If so, I can pass you some assignments. :p

Anonymous said...

I did asked Chun See recently whether he is losing steam on blogging of kampong days, remembering that he has previously posted many articles on this topic. He replied no, as he still have plenty of materials to blog. I believe it is more of a concern on the present trend of things happening in this country which are described in his write-ups. He may have this nagging concern bugging him and simply wants to get it out of his system.

Anonymous said...

Chun See, your tidbits taste OK. But I prefer the main dishes.

Anonymous said...

Chun See worries that while pursuing his passion blogging has forgotten where he left his rice-bowl which is not made of iron. Yes it is nice telling stories but not to forget (tann chiak) livihood.

'Men die searching for money,
Birds die searching for food'.

Chris Sim said...

This is a COOL post, Chun See. I think our kids are influenced too much by American TV. Cool and lame are really American slangs. Nothing wrong in that, I supposed. I use it often too. But than again, I'm younger than you mah. Wahahahah..

Lam Chun See said...

Friends, fret not. I still have plenty of 'grandfather stories' to tell. It's just that they take more time to write. Also I am trying to get more guest writers, becos I worry readers tire of reading about Lam family.

For example, I have a church friend who has nice photos of Pulau Bukom when it was a kampong. I want to interview her to get the story. Chuck's mother too has some interesting stories about how she grew up in Batu Pahat, 'escaped' to Spore, married a Sporean and produced exactly one half dozen Hio's. And my brother Chun Chew and buddy Chuck are going to write about their alma maters; Bartley and Chestnut Drive Sec schools.

And so while waiting for the main dishes, I do what any good Chinese host will do .. serve my guests tidbits.

And meantime, I have to make a living.

Unknown said...

Wow Chun See is having guest writers now! Looks like your efforts are not in vain.

I have been influenced by you guys (yes the Friends of!) and have been blogging a lot more lately. My latest take is on the Sentosa Integrated Resorts, blended with some insight from an operator of leisure attractions in Singapore. Would love to hear your comments guys.

Nostalgic said...

Hi, Chun See, I enjoyed reading your past blogs.
Do you know the adjective - ill, is also frequently used by the young ones for anything or anyone that is disgusting, wicked, tastless or notorious?
All the young ones out there, please do keep us informed of any new adjectives used these days. Thanks!


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