Thursday, December 07, 2006

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I think my friend Chris would love this one.


  • He was only 19.

  • He shared Clooney's Hollywood Hills home, and sometimes, his bed.

  • He died "peacefully" of natural causes.

  • Clooney gained custody of the porker 18 years ago, after breaking up with his then live-in girlfriend Kelly Preston, who is now married to actor John Travolta.

  • The actor said that Max (the pig) was his longest relationship.

  • He said, "I think Max covered all my pig needs."

As for me, my 'pig needs' would include this one.


Picture courtesy of: Geminio

Max, say hello to Mellow, my children's pet rooster. He is coming to 6 and still going strong.

Chicks13 2001-02-04


Victor said...

Chris is happily holidaying Down Under in Gold Coast and won't be around for a few days to love this post. However I can always stand in for him.

Isn't it ironical that even when a celebrity's pig dies, there is a news article on it but if that eventuality should happen to us commoners, no one cares a hoot?

Also, it is a harsh reality that sometimes a pig can provide a longer lasting and more satisfying relationship than a wife could. (And I am not referring to your love of bak kut teh here.)

Oh by the way, have you ever asked your children whether they know what 'the female of a cock' is? (I shared this joke with Wee Kiat last weekend.) Wait till our next FOYers meet if you don't know the answer.

Seraphim said...

Victor, are you referring to the infamous episode of the 'Victor & Charlee' show??? I was a kid then and that episode will forever be etched in my mind, LOL!

Are you THE Victor in the show?

Victor said...

Hi Seraphim, I am Victor Koo while he is Victor Khoo.

Yes, I am referring to that show. I wonder whether that kid really didn't know or he was pulling a fast one. I won't be surprised if he really didn't know because many kids nowadays don't know what a real cock looks like. That's why we have Chun See here to educate them - there is a photo in this post. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ten years of studying under the window, no pass-by asks, but should a person (even an animal) attains fame overnight, the whole world knows. This is a famous Chinese saying. Sorry unable to put up the saying in Chinese writing, not PC savvy enough. The bottom line is that, if a person wants fame, he should work for it.

Seraphim said...


If I recall correctly, the kid initially sounded a little nervous and said "My mother say I cannot tell ... " But apparently the lure of the Fanta drinks grand prize was too difficult to resist!

But then again with a quiz question like that, I think the producers were asking for it!

Lam Chun See said...

Zen, is it:


Or is it:


Anonymous said...

Chun See- you should know my standard of Chinese. Furthermore there is a lapse of so many years after seeing the above passage in a Chinese Almanac!, also not much research done unlike most of you. From my own common sense, it should be the first verse, because if someone walks pass a window (in the ancient China context), rightfully he would ask: "How are you Mr Scholar? study hard for the imperial exam ?" The key word should be ASKED not AWARED as in the second verse.

Victor said...

Zen is right. Just need to do some research. (Incidentally, if you don't already know, you can google in Chinese too.) The answer is here.

Anonymous said...

There is also a Chinese expression on the rich and famous. It explains this way. If a person is rich, even if he lives in a forest, his far-away relatives still visit him. On the other hand, if pauper dies by the road-side no-one would enquire. Here is my script:

Servant to boss: "Boss someone dies near our shop !"

Boss: " Don't be kaypoh. Go and work. Wait a minute! The dead body may affect my shop. Call the police"

Lam Chun See said...

Thanks Victor for helping us with the correct Chinese idiom. As you can see, my Chinese is very 烂 or rotten.

My reasoning went like this. Part 2 of the idiom ended with 天下知 meaning, the whole world knows。

So I guessed that Part 1 should say something to the opposite; like, nobody has heard of (无人闻 or 没人闻 ).

Chris Sim said...

Woa Chun See, you know me too well. The rich and the famous really dunno how to spend their money hor. And fancy fighting for custody of the pig. Sigh.

For me, I also love "te kah". Ha.

Chris Sim said...

The internet is not free here. I'm rushing my comment. Will comment morewhen I return!

Lam Chun See said...

This is what I call a diehard blogger. On holiday still must get daily 'fix'. Lucky it's not honeymoon.

Chris, wasn't you who said that internet is dangerous place becos people get to know so many personal details about you.

On a more serious note, spending - even giving away money is not easy. That why, Warren Buffet decided to leave his billions to Gate Foundations because he knows they can do a better job.

Anonymous said...

Wow blogging becomes a daily fix, incureable unless we go cold-turkey. One day it will become the first thing we go for when the PC is turned on.