Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taman Jurong Heritage Trail - Then and Now; Yung An Road

In GYM Book Contest #5 (03 Feb 2013), I posted an old photo of Yung An Rd which was given to me by my friend Stephen Lai. He is able to recall now that he took this photo some time in 1971 from Blk 118. At that time, he and other pioneer members of our church met regularly for Bible Study at the home of our former (3rd) pastor, Rev James Chan. At that time, our church, the Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church at nearby Tao Ching Road was still under construction.

For comparison, I tried to take a photo from the same spot, but it was difficult because the view was blocked by some trees; and hence I had to make do with one taken from the top floor of Blk 118 and another from Blk 326.

I believe the building under construction in the old photo was the Chase Manhattan Bank. This bank has long ceased to operate in Singapore, and the building is now being operated by some kind of play school. 


Anonymous said...

i am a 70s baby boomer and so i have one foot in the sense that i was fortunate enough to know some of these historical places, but i can't beat the rest of you who go way back. But what i'm posting here is a question to everyone : hey, what can we REALLY do about today's remnant history (not much left?) i.e. in terms of physical conservation? For me, things in the past i remember are : Bugis village and village on stilts at the water's edge at Kallang/Nicoll highway; Van Cleef Aquarium (when it was still open!); Cathay (and not just the facade); Change Alley (it was really the middle east in there); etc. Any thoughts?

Unknown said...

Yes, you are right. The construction building was Chase Manhattan Bank. The 2 story building behind the bank was row of shop houses, My mother used to call it 'Kei Chu' which mean low house. On the left side of the road, the community centre, child care center & mosque still haven't build.

Lam Chun See said...

Thank you Tan Siong Huat for sharing that information.