Sunday, March 31, 2013

GMY Book Contest #7

Earlier this year I received this photo from my friend Mike Robbins. This is one of the photos taken by Mike’s former colleague at the Naval Base, Ray Kirkman,  in the 1960s. Ray was a keen photographer who took many photos of Singapore during his free time. His son Peter has kindly forwarded some of them to Mike to share with us here on Good Morning Yesterday.

Last week, I received the sad news that Ray has passed away at the age of 87. His legacy lives on here at Good Morning Yesterday.

As usual, the first person to identify this place gets a free copy of my book Good Morning Yesterday which is now available only at Kinokuniya @ Orchard and a few other book stores (too lazy to keep track which ones) as well as Haf Box and Betel Box (see side bar). 


Bake n Craft Stube said...

Hi Mr. Lam,

The background looks like Johore. I am guessing, could it be the Cashin Jetty at Lim Chu Kang.


Lo Tze Ping said...

Thanks for sharing the stories of the good old days.

Tah Chung said...

This looks like Changi Point. The island opposite is Pulau Ubin.

Anonymous said...

Look like Changi Sailing Club.

Lam Chun See said...

I think this one quite tough. Even our friend Peter Chan got it wrong initially and thought it was the Changi Sailing Club.

Congratulations to Josephine. Cashin Jetty is the right answer. I will put up few more photos shortly. Meantime, pls email me your mailing address.