Thursday, November 29, 2012

Traditional bakeries in Singapore

There’s an interesting article in today’s Straits Times about the dwindling number of traditional bakeries in Singapore. According to the report, there are only 8 such bakeries left in Singapore.

But I am a bit puzzled, because, just earlier this month, my friend James Kwok brought me to see one such bakery in Block 39, Teban Gardens; and it is not in the above list. The owner was his ex-neighbour.  Could they have made a mistake; or has this shop closed down since James and I were there just 3 weeks ago on the 5th of November? 

Do you know of any other such bakeries in Singapore that are not mentioned in this article?  I have seen one at Lorong 6, Toa Payoh; but that was a couple of years ago. Not sure it is still there.

Anyway, I think such shops deserve our support. In you are in the neighbourhood, do drop by and patronize the shop. Don't forget to bring your camera along and take some shots. Even if the business survives, this old building may not escape our government relentless 'upgrading' efforts.


Lam Chun See said...

My friend, James Kwok comment via email:

Hi Chun See

The traditional roti bakery at Block 39 Teban Gardens Road is still going strong. Just last weekend at the nearby Teban Gardens Market I met the lady boss. Out of modesty, she said 'Can survive, lah.'

But her two Myanmar workers and the 'Ah Pek' in the photo told me that they have been increasing production, supplying to traditional coffee-shops. Perhaps with so many aging Singaporeans and foreign workers patronizing
traditional coffee shops in housing estates and hawker centres, the business is still viable, selling good bread at affordable prices. I hope such businesses will thrive and prosper.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chun See

I think the listing for the bakeries is not accurate. The Toa Payoh bakery is still operating but not listed. I've also found another 3 bakeries which have been around for more than 30 years in Singapore. They are as follow;

1) Victory Bakery & Confectionery
Blk 1009 Aljunied Crescent #01-42 (S)389910

2) Thong Huat Bakery & Confectionery
1 Kalidasa Avenue(S)789381

3) Jackson Bakery & Confectionery
3017 Bedok North Street 5 Gourmet East Kitchen #04-14 (S)486121

The journalist should conduct a more intensive research before publishing the article.

I seriously hope that such traditional bakeries can always be part of Singapore’s food scene and should never be gone for good.


FL said...

I think the old bakery shop in Toa Payoh is the one at Blk 47 Lorong 6. I last visited this place around the year 2000. I remember then that it's a family's business. I hope I've guess correctly as I haven't visited the area since then.

TheSounDOne said...

there should be one more at Kim Keat Lane. Just about 5 mins walk from the Whampoa Hawker Center.

TheSounDOne said...

Oopps.....jus realized the one Kim Keat Lane is already mentioned in the apologies....

Lam Chun See said...

FL is right.It's at Blk 47, visible from main rd.

Anonymous said...

There is one at Tanglin Halt Road. I do not remeber the address, It is at the row of shops facing the hawker center.
Do you know if these bakeries are willing to train people who are interested? I am very keen to learn the trade.

Tah Chung said...

There's a 益群 at Clementi Ave 3 Blk 431. Their traditional white bread is soft and fragrant, unmatched by those expensive designer bread. Support them all the way!!

Lam Chun See said...

Thanks. Clementi and Tanglin Halt are places I frequent. Will check out the 2 shops you mentioned.

Tah Chung said...

Correction - it's called Hong Yit (丰益 ) Bakery Confectionery.

UNKNOWN said...

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