Thursday, September 27, 2012

SG Bloggers Trip to Macau - Day 3

Day 3 turned out to be the most activity-packed day of our trip. It began sedately with a visit to the Macau Wine Museum and Grand Prix Museum located just a stone’s throw from our hotel; and climaxed with the most spectacular show I have ever seen.

Even though I am a teetotaller, I found the tour of the Wine Museum quite interesting; especially the exhibits of the ancient equipment used to grow, harvest, produce, transport and store the wines. The Grand Prix section was a little more interesting. We could cosy up to these magnificent racing machines, which were actually donated to the museum by drivers who had competed in the Grand Prix. Here, I even got to go for a ‘spin’ on the simulator ….. and managed to crash twice. By the way, did you know that in one year, the winner of the Macau Grand Prix was a Singaporean? I’ll leave it to you to figure out who that was.

Our next stop was the MGM Macau where we toured their grand facilities. The highlight was a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion. Our guide, Dr Walter Wu, patiently explained about the butterflies – which apparently were all from Brazil - and their habitats. I was quite fascinated to note that many of the flowers in the pavilion were commonly found in Singapore. In fact, we have some of them in our garden at home; e.g. the Bachelor’s Button, Bougainvillea, Periwinkle and Ixora.

(Photo above courtesy of Jerome Lim)

Lunch was at the Sky21 where we enjoyed a wide choice of Asian cuisine while soaking in the panoramic view of the Macau waterfront. After a round of photos from the outdoor courtyard, we proceeded to the sprawling integrated resort known as Venetian Macau. Owing to time limitation, we only saw a segment of the complex, ending our tour with a visit to Ice World where we got to monkey around like primary school kids.

(Group photo courtesy of

Our final destination was the City of Dreams where we were treated to a luxurious Chinese dinner at the newly opened Jade Dragon followed by a spectacular show, Dancing on Waters. At Jade, we were served a selection of their finest Cantonese cuisines; but alas, as we were running behind schedule, we had to rush through the last few dishes at breakneck speed. Our gracious host kept apologising; when it was really we who should be doing so; not giving their painstakingly prepared dishes their due attention.

The best part of the day, and of the whole trip in fact, was the Dancing on Waters Show. I do not have the vocabulary to do justice to this spectacular show; but fortunately, our hosts from, Rui Long and Jack have produced a short video clip so you can get a sample of the show that everyone of us so enjoyed that evening. You can also check out my friend Jerome Lim’s detail post of this show and view his many beautiful photos here.

Would you dare to jump down - I mean actually jump, not bungy-jump - from this height into the pool below?