Friday, September 07, 2012

Macau …. here we come!

Mention Macau and probably casinos come to your mind, right? But of course, as one would reasonably expect, there is more to Macau than casinos, or the famous Ruins of St Paul (Image right, courtesy of member armaggsein). Exactly what, I can only report to you next week after I return from a 4-day, 3-night trip this weekend.

As some of you may recall, I recently took part in the SGBlog Awards Competition organized by Although I did not come in first in my category, the Best Individual Blog Category, I was nevertheless invited to join 9 other winners for this free trip which is sponsored by the Macau Government Tourist Office and Tiger Airways. This is because the winner in my category is unable to go.

 Looking at the itinerary, there really does seem to be many exciting places to visit and enjoy in Macau. Here are some examples:

1)   Macau Tower
2)   The 24th Macau International Fireworks Display
3)   Macau Grand Prix and Wine Museum
4)   Butterfly Pavilion @ MGM Macau
5)   Ice World @ Venetian Macau
6)   City of Dreams
7)   House of Dancing Waters
8)   Coloane Village
9)   Taipa Village

Besides the above, we will get to savour some famous Macau cuisine. I look forward to trying the Portuguese dishes and buying my favourite almond biscuits.

Actually, this is not my first trip to Macau. In 1997, I did stop over at Macau for one day while enroute to Hong Kong from Zhuhai, China. Don’t remember much about that trip except a visit to a casino (I don’t gamble), the St Paul’s Ruins and a shopping street.

My thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Macau Government Tourist Office and Tiger Airways, who will be treating us to their newly launched new TigerBites menu.

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Zen said...

My late 6th uncle (from my maternal side) had always something good to say, or praising all the way if necessary to most people he met - be they old or young. In his seventies, nephews would make time to take him for golfing, treating him to a nice restaurant or pampering him one way or another. One day while walking with him through Empress Food Centre, I saw many foodstall operators there greeted him like seeing an old friend, asking him whether he would like to have a meal at their stall. This is what I call powerful human relationship skill (I wish to possess a fraction of it). I am wondering could it be chun see positive write-up in his blog which earns him a trip to Macau?

Happy walker said...

waiting for more picture~ XD

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..