Saturday, August 15, 2009

We built this city

Did you read the Today today? There’s an article written by Brian Richmond titled; We Built This City … so don’t overlook the baby boomers”. Coincidentally, this is the very same title of an article that I submitted to the “50 years of self governance, my memories, my moments” blog competition a few days ago. You may want to read it here.

I did not cross-post my article here because it is actually quite similar to something I wrote a couple of years ago about the Dead Chicken River. Anyway, there are attractive prized to be won, so why not give it a try? It is always nice to get rewarded for doing something you enjoy don't your think?


Roger said...

Yes, I read Brian's article calling for more liberalised concessionery travelling times for seniors. Many have written to the papers on this issue but the train and bus operators refuse to be moved.

Lam Chun See said...

Personally, I think he is a bit too naive to think that our gahmen will change its mind just becos some oldies are not happy. In fact many Sporeans would be quite happy ('tau chio' in Hokkien) if they do not increase the fares so often.

Brian and Tess said...

A good article Chun See and I think it is a tremendous achievement that Singaporeans can be proud of to have transformed Spore from that rather untidy (yes and smelly) place of 50 years ago. On my visit I was rather amazed to find myself admiring even the beauty of some of the highways, edged as they often are by very attractive trees - and I am no friend of highways normally! Of course I would loved to have seen more of the Spore I remember from the 1960s but its better to welcome and embrace the changed Spore and the better conditions for its people. Many many places would welcome the high standard of your environment and it does reflect on a sense of self worth and self respect.