Thursday, September 20, 2012

SG Bloggers Trip to Macau - Day 2

Our itinerary for Day 2 was quite simple. In the morning, we had a mini Amazing Race and the rest of the day was “free-and-easy”. The Amazing Race was held at the busy historic district around Senado Square where the famous Ruins of St Paul’s was located. I must confess that had they not partnered me with an IT-savvy young man, I would have been totally lost. Besides locating the checkpoints based on some obscure clues, we had to take a photo of one of us at some of these checkpoints and post them to the Surprising Moments in Macau Instagram website. I didn’t even know how to use Instagram! Anyway, my partner Sau Jun helped me to set up an Instagram account and today, I am hooked.

You can view a video of us 'in action' here.

In front of the famous St Dominic’s Church which was built in 1587.

No visit to Macau is complete without a photo shoot at the Ruins of St Pauls.

A surprising moment indeed; durians on sale in Macau!

When the Amazing Race ended at around noon, most of my young friends decided to stay on for shopping, makan and a visit to the Michael Jackson Museum. Do check out their stories at the Surprising Moments in Macau website. As for me, I wisely decided that this was too much for a 60-year old and returned to the hotel to recover from the merciless summer sun. I only came out again in the late afternoon to explore the area around my hotel – on my own.

Here are some photos of the interesting places that I saw that afternoon. The first two are of the Legend Wharf which features a collection of European and Latin style architectures.

The next two are of the Dynasty Wharf which is a replica of the Tang Dynasty architectures. Reminds me of our own Tang Village in Jurong. It was closed on that day.

From this ferry terminal, fast boats and helicopters depart for Hong Kong.

Walking was safe and comfortable thanks to long stretches of such air-conditioned pedestrian bridges.

Next to the Ferry Terminal is the Macau Reservoir. It reminded me of our very own Marina Bay. Convenient jogging and cycling paths are provided. Plenty of benches and exercise equipment. The sight of many Philippino and Indonesian maids busily chatting on the mobile phones was another similarity with Singapore.


Zen said...

Did you check the price of the durians? It appears that our former tang village (demised) is transplanted to Macau. A couple of months ago, I too visited hongkong, including macau which I found it to be quite clean generally, without being supported by an army of foreign cleaners like what happens locally.

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