Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Don’t leave Macau without a box of these

In my previous post, I mentioned that, on Day 2 afternoon, I explored the area around my hotel after a rest from the morning’s Amazing Race event. One of the places that I popped into was a neighbourhood supermarket. There I quickly accomplished one of the ‘unpleasant chores’ for my trip …. shopping. I never liked to shop during my overseas trips. In fact, I never liked to shop at home either. Still, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do - bring back some evidence that he has been to Macau.

Anyway, other than the famed almond biscuits of Macau, I did not have anything in mind. So I randomly picked up a few boxes of foodstuff; including a box of moon cakes, peanut cookies, wife’s biscuit (老婆饼) and even two of packets of noodles. I had had a bowl of noodles for lunch in a nearby café, and found the local noodles quite nice. My main consideration in deciding what to purchase, was the packaging. It had to be sturdy and able to withstand the trip back to Singapore. After I got back to my hotel room, I snapped a photo of purchases and happily announced to my team mates via WhatsApp that I had completed my shopping ‘duties’ for this trip.

One of my purchases was this box of Egg Roll with Seaweed and Shredded Pork. It came in a sealed metal container. The name was rather interesting. It was something not found in Singapore – at least I have never seen it. And I liked the box. And so I added it to my purchases.

The packaging can only be described as ‘kiasu’ (over careful). After removing the top cover, there was another round lid. Inside, the egg rolls are packed in sealed plastic trays. That, I suppose was to guarantee the freshness of the product. As for the price, I am afraid I cannot recall. Maybe HK$20+ or HK$30+ per box.

As there were no images of the actual product, I did not know what to expect. I thought it would be like the love letters that we consumed at Chinese New Year. When I finally got around to eating it the other day, I had a pleasant surprise. It tasted wonderful. It is not as brittle as the love letter, but thicker and has a bit of butter taste. The inside is not hollow. Instead, it is stuffed with fluffy pork floss. Combined with the slice of seaweed, the taste was really fantastic. Man; I wish I had bought a few more boxes.

If I ever decide to visit Macau again, this Egg Roll with Seaweed and Shredded Pork would be one of the reasons! Hahaa …. I exaggerate of course. If anyone knows where one can buy this product in Singapore, please alert me. Thanks.


Zen said...

I went to a food court (near a casino) and found the food there so-so when compared to Singapore. Apparently You are taken by surprise when you tasted the the delicious egg rolls containing pork floss, and this clearly reflects that sometimes little things can make a good impression.

HC said...

You can buy a similar product from Koi Kei Bakery (from Macau) at Temple Street, Chinatown.

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