Monday, June 02, 2008

Looking for members of the Satellites Netball Team from Serangoon Gardens

Some months ago I received this email from an overseas reader. I think it is self-explanatory.

Hello Mr Lam Chun See,

Please forgive my intrusion but I saw your website which brought back some lovely memories of my time in your wonderful country from 1966 to 1969. As you may have guessed my husband was a serviceman and whilst in Singapore I joined a netball team that played in Serangoon gardens called the Satellites. My plea to you is; can you please put me in touch with a website that might be able to help me contact some old team members? I met some lovely people that I would like to contact again and I have been trying for some years now without success and you are my last hope. Once again I am sorry for the intrusion and if you can't help I will understand.

Kind regards

Rachael Oremek.

I have actually referred Rachael's request to my friends at Redsports. But apparently they have not been successful. Maybe their readers tend to be of a younger set. So I hope some of the older readers of this blog maybe able to help out.



JollyGreenP said...

if there were other services folk on the team you could try Tom Obrien's site Memories of Singapore

It is worth a look anyway ifyou are in nostalgic mood.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Lam, yes we didn't get much of a response though we tried our best. Netball Singapore was very kind to put it up on their website, and also helped to send out alerts to their counterparts in other countries.

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