Saturday, February 08, 2014

Tracing my amah Chew Joo Keng (Margaret)

Like Judith Johnson and IngridKivikoski, Shona Trench would like to contact her amah Chew Joo Keng (Margaret). Shona writes:

“Hello, I am a British expat, living in Singapore now for four years, with my husband and two teenage children. I was born here in 1961, as my father was a photographer in the RAF and was based at RAF Seletar. I just wondered if you would be able to help me?

Would you know how I might be able to contact my Amah? Her name is Chew Joo Keng but we knew her as Margaret. It would be nice to meet her after all these years (50!) if she is still living in Singapore.

This photo is of Margaret, my sister Karen, and me (I'm the baby)
We lived at Seletar Camp, 13 Oxford Street. I had an older sister Beverley too.

My parents names are Campbell Bryan, and Irene Bryan. Our house is still at Seletar Camp, it's a B&W terraced house. We love being here, and exploring Singapore, Dad too, although it obviously has changed in the last 50yrs.

Shona Trench"


David said...

Hi Shona, my sincere apologies I dont have a lead to where your dear amah is, but just wanted to say your house at 13 Oxford is beautifully maintained today with a lovely pool.

I'm currently living at Oxford Street and it's fascinating to read about someone who lived there more than 50 years ago...! All the wonderful stories and photos of old Oxford street your parents must have had. I hear it used to be a very quiet street with an art deco building somewhere in front of it? Today that building and the golf course are gone and in it's place is a large road :-(
Nevertheless apologies for going off topic, here's wishing you the very best in your search for your amah

Unknown said...

Hi David,
Sorry, I'm new to these blog 'things' ....and have only just spotted your comment!
I have been out to Seletar a couple of times, and taken my father, and two sisters there too, to see our old house, and take a few recent photos.
I was a baby when we lived here, but sisters are older, and remember it well. They went to the school across the road, and remember the golf course too. I now live in Singapore(nearly 4 years now0 with my hubby and two teenagers, and love exploring here, its fabulous! Thanks for your post though, not sure what my next step should be in the search for my amah.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shona,

I am a Brit expat too. I am afraid that i can't help with your search for your amah. However, i can tell you that 16 Oxford St is now available for rent:

I thought that you might be interested in this.