Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Tracing my Amah – Judith Johnson

Judith Johnson, who shared her memories of Braddell Heights here; has approached me for assistance in tracing her amah, who was with them during the 1960s when she stayed at this house in 10 Chiltern Drive, Braddell Heights. If you have any information, please contact me. Thanks.

“Her name was Ah Moi, but unfortunately I don't know her maiden name.  After we left, she married Tan Jee Yong who used to work at the Sea View Hotel (during a notorious strike and eventual liquidation).  Ah Moi and he used to write to my parents in England - I have some of the letters.  He eventually found work, after the Sea View Hotel's closure, at the Singapore Recreation Club in 1965 (formerly Eurasian Club).  They had a son, Tan Kia Heng, born 18th June 1964. Their last known address was 63, Jalan Daud off Jalan Eunos, S'pore 14.”

Judith’s father, David James Cutts (Sqn Ldr), was in charge of the Joint Air Traffic Control Centre at Paya Lebar Airport.

Judith, with her mum, Margaret and brother, Jeremy


teresita3998 said...

How nice to remember her amah. Loved the house she stayed in. Now, you cannot see a lot of this except maybe if you go to Mariam Close, Off Changi Road across from Changi Prison and the Bus Station depot serving Serangoon Road. I used to stay with my cousin in such type of houses at Mariam Close.

Lam Chun See said...

Not far from where I am staying now, at Eden Park, you can still see one of two (smaller) bungalows like this one.

Catherine Sherwood said...

I have spoken to Mr Tan Jee Yong spouse of Ah Moi 10 minutes ago.
Please write on my timeline or give me your link and I will give you their phone nunber and a link to their Facebook link

Catherine Sherwood said...

My name is Catherine Sherwood, why is it posting unknown is beyond me. You can find me on A little street in Singapaore.

Lam Chun See said...

Thank you Catherine.

peter said...

Looks like your blog not only deals with old forgotten memories but also as a "LOST N FOUND" Department.

Great platform you have CS!

Roses Ronan said...

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