Thursday, May 09, 2013

GMY Book Contest #8 - results

Congratulations to reader, Chew. The correct answer is Jurong Road. My friend James Tann who shared this photo from the 1980s said; “This photo of Jurong West as taken from the Jurong Road roadside at Hong Kah Village. Location should be somewhere near today's Green Haven Halfway House that was beside the old Bulim Cemetery.” 

The sign which I had blurred out actually says; “Bulim Community Centre"

But I am still having trouble pinpointing the exact location because in the 1980s, the PIE had already been constructed; and yet in James’ photo, the HDB blocks looked so near. If this place was indeed near the Green Haven Home, they should be much further away. Anyway, I hope readers can throw some light.
From 1981 street directory
Actually, I have blogged about this area before here. In the old days, when we travelled to Safti via Green Bus 175 or 174 to Nantah, we would pass through this stretch of Jurong Rd. However, we were usually too tired or sleeping to note the surroundings. As I mentioned in the earlier article, we also did a lot of topo training in this part of Spore which we called Hong Kah.

Here are a few more photos of Jurong Rd between Bukit Batok Road and Green Haven taken in April 2007.

PS – Chew, pls email your address to me so I can send you a copy of my book.


chew said...

Got in touch with you on FB and sent you a map of where I think the shot was taken: probably in vicinity of Xingnan Primary School.

Chun See Lam said...

Since I travel past this place very often - that's why I could take those photos in 2007 - I will try to check out the view from the old Jurong Rd at the location you and James have suggested.

chew said...

Re-looking at your photo and map, I notice the photo was taken bordering on Jurong Road, and a minor road ran alongside. These suggest the location is the CC.

Anonymous said...

The Exact Location Is Sidetrack Between Hong Kah Flyover{PIE Entrance 34} And Jurong West Ave 02 Facing Blk 558.

(PS: Very Interesting & Curious, Was The Photo 'Actually' Taken By James Tann).

Chun See Lam said...

Actually James told me he cannot remember if he actually took the photo himself or got it from someone/somewhere.

Chun See Lam said...

I think Ghost is right. This part of Jurong Rd is nearer towards Corp Rd. I think its the disused part that is next to Jurong West Ave 2. A lot of construction going on now; otherwise I can go and check out the place and do a 'second shot' for comparison.

I think the photographer took this photo from Bulim Cemetery. The little hillock next to Hong Kah Flyover, bet PIE and Jurong West Ave 2 is still there.

Anonymous said...

It Was On The Previous Jurong Road, Showing The First Bus-stop After The Junction Of Previous Jurong Road And If Previous Tengah Road. The Adjustment/Detour Of The PIE To The Current PIE/Hong Kah Flyover Towards Tengah To Join KJE Was Done Later.

The Picture Was Taken In The Fenced-up Area{Was It The Cemetery Or A Two-storey Wooden House. Perhaps Can Be Verified By Searching Any Exhumation Notice And Old Land Strata/Resettlement Map, Or If Any Of The Residents Staying In Area & Those Few Houses) & Most Probably Taken In Late 1982.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I think Chew is right. The fenced area was the Bulim Community Centre, next to Xin Nan Public School. I know as I grew up in the Hong Kah Village. The minor road was used often by the military's short cut to Tengah village.

Robin Chiang said...

I attended Jurong School in the late 1970's and took 174 from the former Nanyang University. I recall Bulim Cemetery as a very unkept traditional Chinese cemetery overgrown with lalang. Near the east end of the cemetery (along Jurong Road) was a massive light green tomb complete with an obelisk. Having left the Republic for over 25 years, could anyone provide more info about the current state of the area? Thanks.