Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eating places near Bedok Rest House in 1952 (Updated)

Here are more photos, courtesy of Joe Elliott, of eating places, eating stalls and an itinerant food vendor. Joe recalls in a recent email:

“At the side of Bedok Rest House were stalls on the pavement and behind them on the beach were tables and chairs which you can just see on the photos. The stallholders were cooking various foods which I had at one of tables in 1952.  It was several pieces of meat (not sure what kind) on a thin wooden skewer and a small dish of sauce.  The meat when dipped into the sauce was out of this world - it just melted in your mouth and I've never tasted anything like it since. I knew at the time what they were called but in 60 years I've forgotten. "The memory forgets what they were called but will never forget the taste".

PS – I think Joe must be referring to satay.

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boo rude said...

Nice write up and photos! I heard that there is still a well somewhere in that area. Any idea where that might be?

katherine said...

Nice and precious pics. Used to live at Bedok/Changi junction during the 70's. Totally changed now. What a pity !

Anonymous said...

Actually, the pictures show the Bedok corner food stalls which operate at night at the concrete car park built into the beach. In the day, it operated as a car park. At night, it operated as a food centre. The car park has since been demolished when Bedok camp was built at that site. Joe mentioned a pavement and beach. By 1965, the beach had been taken away by a reclaimed land, and it is true, at that time, some of the tables and chairs were moved onto the reclaimed land. This site is like 100 yards from Bedok Rest House.