Friday, January 27, 2012

Then and Now - Selegie Arts Centre

In my previous post I shared with you Tim Light’s 1960’s photo of Selegie Road. One of the old buildings in that photo has been preserved and is now called the Selegie Arts Centre. According to my brother-in-law who lived grew up in a house Prinsep Street facing this building, there was a corner coffee shop called the London Coffeeshop which used to sell the popular Indian rojak and fresh cow/goat milk. There was a taxi stand next to it and further down Prinsep Street was a government clinic and the ROV (Registrar of Vehicles). In the morning many people would have their breakfast at this ‘London’ coffeeshop.

Photo number 1 – Dated around 1948, Selegie Road and Prinsep Street viewed from the top of Singapore’s tallest building then, the Cathay Building (link)

Photo Number 2 – Dated in the mid 1960’s, it shows the junction of Selegie Road and Prinsep Street. The pick-up truck is making a left turn into Prinsep Street.

Photo Number 3 – Present-day photo where the junction is removed and the tail-end of Prinsep Street is now joined to Selegie Road as one continuous road.

Photo Number 4 – This 1993 photo from the National Archives collection shows the row of shop houses along Selegie Rd being demolished. Only the corner, wedge-shape building is preserved and today it is called the Selegie Arts Centre; recognized by its bright yellow colour.

Photo Numbers 5 & 6 shows the same building in 1993 and 2007.

1981 map of this area


Lam Chun See said...

Ah ... so mystery is solved. That 'tall' building in previous post is the brown colour Prinsep House. So this is yet another building that survived to this day.

Unfortunately, the low shops next to Cathay have given way to the monstrous(and I should say, ugly) School of the Arts (SOTA).

Tim said...

Fascinating stuff!

Can I point out that the 1960s photo is not actually mine. I have scavenged pictures from lots of different sources. My guess is that this one is from PICAS.

Timothy said...

I've read somewhere that that there are plans to place Peace center for an 'en bloc' sale. i wonder if it took off. if it did, it would destroy the charm of that place. i believe the previous selegie house has been demolished and turn into a new complex.