Friday, July 09, 2010

Hotels Quiz

Looks like my quizzes are too simple to stump the old-timers like Peter and Philip. I shall have to up the ante a bit.

Continuing with the 1961/62 magazine, Singapore – A Guide for Businessmen and Visitors; there were 5 advertisements of hotels in Singapore. Two of them, Goodwood Park Hotel and Orchard Hotel are still around. Here’s quiz to test your knowledge of the other three.

Hotel No. 3. Let’s start with the easy one. What was the name of this hotel?

Hotel No. 4. Where was this hotel located? What is standing there now?

Hotel No. 5. What was the name of this hotel which used to be at the corner of Trafalgar Street and Rambau Street?


Anonymous said...

The answers are:

No 3: Embassy Hotel Limited
No 4: Orchard Road
Park Hotel Orchard (formerly Crown Prince Hotel)
No 5: Hotel Biltmore

Victor said...

My guess for No. 3 is Hotel Ambassador.

peter said...

1. Embassy Hotel, then renamed as Ambassador Hotel...

2.Prince Garni was at corner of Bideford Road and Orchard Road. Then became Crown prince and now another name becos owned by Hongkies from the Park Group.

3. ??????Dont think it was ever used as a hotel, maybe only proposed. Biltmore Hotel?

Lam Chun See said...

Alamak. Within one hour and Anon already comes up with all the correct answers. Actually I do not know the answer to Hotel No. 4. Neither did I know that Ambassador was previously known as Embassy.

Never mind. I will get you guys the next time.

Alex said...

I am not full aware this.So thanks to other commenter to give the name of this hotel.
Thanks again.
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Brian and Tess said...

Ah yes the Ambassador Hotel in Meyer Road - the place I arrived at as a youngster in February 1960. From the top floor restaurant there was the most wonderful view across the harbour and the hundreds of bum boats and achored ships.

Mind you it was not doing that well - its management went bust whilst we were staying there and they started removing things like ceiling fans in part of the dining room even whilst we were eating!-

Lam Chun See said...

Anonymous. Can you pls share with us how you know that no. 5 was Hotel Biltmore? Was it a well-known hotel? I have never heard this name before and thot that this was a tough quiz question.

Anonymous said...


I have never been to this hotel.
All I can tell you is that it was purchased by NOL in the early 1970's to be renovated for use as its main office premises, then.

Badrul said...

Hi all,

With regards to Hotel No. 5, Biltmore Hotel. Ive never heard of Trafalgar and Rambau Street. Where is it? Anyone?

peter said...

You see the East Lagoon Link (opposite the Tg Pagar Complex) now full of container stacked up as you exit from Keppel Viaduct down to Keppel Road, that's Trafalgar Street/Rembau Street. I believe Chun See's brother should know more bcos he worked there before.

PChew said...

Ambassador Hotel was later renamed as Duke Hotel. I remember the tea dance there was very popular.

Heather said...

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corpweb said...

My father used to work in Ambassador Hotel when he was young. He is no longer with us now. If anyone has pictures of the hotel interior to share. i will be so grateful.

Anonymous said...

I lived in a hotel at Trafalgar street 17, 2 nights in 1970, waiting for my ship (Norwegian tanker). The name was Hotel Biltmore.