Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Green fields

Last night I watched a recorded documentary titled; Six Degrees Could Change the World. It was originally aired last Saturday on Okto Channel.

As you probably know, this documentary is about Global Warming. The most frightening scene that stayed in my mind was that of the parched river beds of the mighty Amazon.

There was also a “2nd Shot” sort of scene of a glacier at the source of the Ganges River. An old Indian man who had been taking photos of this glacier compared photos of it 50 years ago with present day photos of the same place. The glacier had totally disappeared. I was reminded of the lyrics of the Brothers Four song, Green Fields.

Once there were green fields kissed by the sun
Once there were valleys where rivers used to run
Once there were blue skies with white clouds high above
Once they were part of an everlasting love
We were the lovers who strolled through green fields

Green fields are gone now, parched by the sun
Gone from the valleys where rivers used to run
Gone with the cold wind that swept into my heart
Gone with the lovers who let their dreams depart
Where are the green fields that we used to roam?

Did the writers of this classic already know about global warming way back in 1956?


Unk Dicko said...

They don't write and sing songs like this anymore.
This is a song that I like very dearly as it evokes the images you have tried to portray. The way the Brothers 4 sang it made the song and they themselves famous.

jean said...

Wow Chun See what an observant connection.The lyrics of the song are so relevant today.I've seen a number of Green documentaries and I'm still haunted by certain images.Its so worrisome and depressing.I drown in melancholy and think of Peter Paul and Mary or Joan Baez singing "Where Have All The Flowers Gone".

Lam Chun See said...

Dick is right. They don't write and sing songs like this any more.

Actually, I don't think Green Fields is a 'green' song. It's just that a couple of the lines fit into the 'green' message.

There is another song that is much more appropriate. I like it very much but forgot to mention it becos it is seldom played on radio these days. But thanks to the internet, here it is:

留一片蓝天 (Leave a patch of blue skies)

peter said...

Chun See
Times have changed. You need to "feel the move", you need to "feel the pulse" and the cool thing to do is to gyrate your body (and make it look more obscene than Michael Jackson), then Daddy Cool got the vibes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chun See

Thank you for a wonderful blog. Brings back good memories for me n my friends, esp fellow combat engineers from Gillman days.
Cheers !

Yr B;ue Beret Kaki

Victor said...

Another "green" song I like is Down By The River by Albert Hammond.

Anonymous said...

it could also imply the massive real estate developments by greedy developers and taking up all the lands available for massive building projects during that era

global warming ? hardly

veii said...

More likely a reference to the Dust Bowl?

Tom said...

Tom said...
Here is a song called,Green Grow The Rashes O ,It was written by Robert Burns,a great Scots poet, Chu See, this song might make you feel groovy , I will repeat what Peter said, feel the move ha ha.