Saturday, April 05, 2008

National Junior Canoeing Championships 2008



Last weekend, I was at the MacRitchie Reservoir to watch the 5th National Junior Canoeing Championships. I have written a brief report for my friends at the Redsports here.

Unlike last year, my shutterbug friend was not able to join me to help me take some nice photos of this event. Thus, in spite of some last minute coaching by my sifu on how to use a DSLR, my pictures turned out quite terrible. So this time round, I will just show you ‘non-action’ photos.

Below is a shot of the place where the real action took place. During the late afternoon when the finals took place, the sun was behind the boats as they raced in. I really had no idea how to handle the shots.


The 3 photos below are much better because they were taken at the launch area where the sun is shining in from the left.




Wave, that’s me!


This is the safety boat. They have just picked up some girls who did not like the heat of the competition and decided to take a dip in the cool waters of MacRitchie. The organisors at Singapore Canoe Federation should be congratulated for having done a great job this year.


The guys below are a group of enthusiastic Raffles supporters. In comparison, ACS (I) kayakers had only a few parents and a handful of (tired) fellow team mates to cheer them. At one point I was almost deafened by the shouts of Raffles! Raffles! Raffles. I wanted to teach the few ACSians beside me to shout the cheer that we adopted in ACS in the 60’s: A-A-ACS; beat-beat-beat RI! But I decided it was unwise. Those burly Rafflesians may decide to ‘accidentally’ bump this oldie into cool waters of MacRitchie. In any case, they were from RJC not RI.


The photo below shows the boat shed where lots of movements of boats were taking place. To the right is the tent where the prizes were presented. Just next to it was a huge, unsightly rubbish container.


As in last year, the rowers from NJC disappeared mysteriously right after the last event. The only one left to collect the numerous prizes was this cheerful Malay boy. On my way home, I saw the NJC rowers gathered near the car park. Maybe their coach is like our first NJC principle Mr Lim Kim Woon who liked to give long talks. He once gave us boys an hour-long lecture on the correct way to use the boys toilet. The year was 1969. If you don’t believe me, just ask any pioneer batch NJC old boy. I am sure he would not have forgotten this unique experience!



yg said...

looks like watersports is really coming alive with more competitions. this national junior canoeing c'ships is not same as the inter-sch national canoeing c'ships which will be held in july, also at macritchie. i heard people's assn is organising two water ventures this year.

Zen said...

In the eighties our toilets at the port area were in 'shitty' condition due to abuse by workers. My boss who was once an army officer suggested if we should keep toilets as clean as those of hotels, then such abuse would stop. I was laughing inside. His logic was very simple when people saw something very clean there was a tendency to refrain from irresponsible acts. He really meant it, having all toilets upgraded to a very high standard. Sad to say his theory failed, but to be fair to him, it did a little improvement. To cut the story short, what has it got to do with canoeing? The govt got into the act of turning waterways including the once notorious 'fragrant' Singapore River into places of pleasure and relaxation which people can be proud of. Is it successful? My conclusion is yes but after long years of persistent effort.

peter said...

Chun see
U r lucky that Raffles never cheer "Green Black White..... Green Black White..." when female students walk pass. In my time many female students from other schools felt very insulted, thinking that it referred to.....but it was the school colours.

FH2o said...

Nice report.

Even nicer if I was there to watch it (and cheer along) with you!

We'll catch up - one day, and soon I hope. Budget airline AirAsia is starting a direct Kuching-Spore flight soon.