Thursday, March 27, 2008

Old Buildings Quiz No. 7

I have been quite busy this week and couldn’t find the time to write a proper blog. So I do the easy thing and post 2 pictures of old buildings for you guys to identify.

No. 1 should be easy. But I think No. 2 is a bit tough. I suspect even our Old Singapore expert, Peter, will have a hard time.

For those who are not so interested in old buildings, here’s another quiz.

Which road in Singapore was quite popularly known, at one time, as the Wall Street of Singapore?

(I have not heard that name being used for a long time, so I assume it’s no longer called by this name)

Answers (05 April 2008)

Photo number 2 is the Tanjong Gul Camp which was formerly 6th SIR. It is located along Pioneer Sector 2 right in the middle of an industrial estate. What a far cry from the ultra-ulu deserted outpost that I blogged about here. At that time, it was accessible only by a dirt track from Tuas Village. Judging from the fences and the barbed wires, I would guess that it's another drug rehabilitation centre ..... we seem to have a lot of those don't we? Sigh.

Below are more photos of the former Rex theatre. Looks like some kind of sleazy bar or night club.


Victor said...

Aiyah, no. 2 is easier than no. 1 lah. Army camp near the Circle Line in the east, am I right? Got one famous hawker centre nearby some more. Even someone like me who never do BMT also knows.

I don't know no. 1.

Anonymous said...

That road would be shenton way??

peter said...

pic 1 = Rex cinema in MacKenzie Road

pic 2 = 1 SIR at Dunman Road

Qn 3: Shenton Way

Lam Chun See said...

Victor. How can you not recognize Rex theatre?It was just across the road from your primary school.

And Shenton was is correct. Maybe will blog about it in future. In the early 70's, I went to the Prince Edward campus nearly everyday and saw the sky scrappers like DBS, UIC, IBM building literally come up before my eyes.

But as I expected no. 3 is tough. Partly becos the photo was not well-taken. The complex is now ll fenced up with high green colour fence which you cannot look through. I was afraid I would be hauled up for taking photos of this place. So I quickly stopped my car, took the shot and drove off.

Hint. I seldom go to Eastern part of Spore nowadays. And I usually take such photos when I happen to be in the neighbourhood. Can't afford to go there just to take photos for my my blog. Hence I took that Rex photo when I was having lunch with friends a few months ago and I also took that photo of the Ellison Building (the one with the dome which I blogged about earlier)

Lam Chun See said...

Sorry, I mean Shenton Way.

Zen said...

Though I passed by Rex recently I because of the makeover I could not recognise it. The second photo looked like a school to me. For old timer like we should be able to know that Shenton Way is the wall street of Singapore because most of the big banks are there together with the financial houses.

Edidas said...

The 2nd Picture is old Guillemard Camp? Now they are constructing Circle Line there, probably might demolish the camp soon.

Lam Chun See said...

Edidas. Wrong. You didn't get my hint .. I am not familiar with eastern part of Spore. This photo taken in the west.

Anyway, my question not fair becos all the old army camp buildings of that generation look the same close up.

I will reveal answer tomorrow plus another article by Peter about Mahjong.

peter said...

6SIT at Jalan Bahar???? OR a Guards unit at Lim Chu Kang?

Lam Chun See said...

No. Not Jalan Bahar or Lim Chu Kang? Maybe reveal answer later plus some more photos of Rex. is going to publish this quiz als. Let's see if their readers can crack this tough one. V. busy these few days.

edidas said...

Got a feeling this camp could be at boon lay, cck or lck. I did my NS at Sungei Gedong camp and they also really have some old buildings there too. Well then, i will wait for the answer later. And i agree that most old camps looks the same.

Lam Chun See said...

Article just updated with answer and more photos.

hopeman said...

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Alex Ho said...

I would like to add to Chun See's anwser about pic no.2.

Yes it is Tanjong Gul Camp (formerly 6 SIR). No it is not a drug rehabilitation centre. It is now a reservist training centre.

I have lots of memory of this camp. It is my active unit (1992 - 1994)before 6 SIR move to Selarang Camp in Sept 1994. It is also my reservist camp (1996 - 2005)