Saturday, November 12, 2005

Braddell Rise School

I studied in Braddell Rise School (BRS) from Primary 2 to Primary 5 from 1960 to 1963. So did my siblings and my cousins (the Ng family). I don’t think any of you reading this blog have even heard of BRS. It was situated next to Mt Alvernia Hospital at the junction of Thomson Road and Braddell Road. It was a small coed, primary school. It was closed down a number of years ago.

Today its premises are occupied by the Tampines Home (MINDS). It’s quite inconspicuous. If you passed the area, you might not even notice it. Even this appears to be a temporary arrangement. A great deal of construction is going on around the area. I believe they are constructing a viaduct to join Braddell Road to the Lornie Viaduct; and hence I really do not expect this landmark to be around for long. So I went down recently and took a couple of pictures.

(The tall buildings in the background are part of Braddell Rise Estate)

How come Pr 2 to Pr 5 so odd? Actually I was admitted to Anglo-Chinese Junior in Barker Road in 1959. But after 1 year, my parents transferred me to BRS because ACS was too far from our home in Lorong Chuan, and my elder brother David was in BRS and could look after me. In 1964, my brother was admitted to ACS Secondary in Barker Road and so my parents tried to transfer me back to ACS Junior. However, there were no more places and so I went to ACS Primary in Coleman Street instead. It was a scary experience for a kampong kid to take a long bus ride from Lorong Chuan to North Bridge Road, alighting opposite Capitol Theatre, cross several streets to get to school. My father brought me to school on Day 1 and after that I was on my own. Fortunately, I only had to spend 1 week there because an opening came up in ACS Junior and so back I went to Barker Road.

During the 1 week in Coleman Street, I got to know a round-headed kid by the name of Simon Chu Chun Sing. One year later, we were reunited when both of us got admitted to ACS Secondary. To this day, we remain good friends, although separated by several thousand kilometers; he in windy Scotland and I in sunny Singapore. Besides the round-headed kid, I also got to know a long word, ‘courtesy’. I remember this banner with the words, “Courtesy begets courtesy” prominently displayed in the school. Everytime I drive past this building I think of these words.

Today this building houses the Nation Archives

Coming back to Braddell Rise School - what can one recall about school more than 40 years ago? Apparently quite a bit to my pleasant surprise.

First the staff.

Our principal was a Mr Marriappan. In Primary 3 our teacher was a Mr Tan – he turned out to be a brother of my 11th Aunt. He was quite bald; which was uncommon those days. He told us, he came from a poor family and couldn’t afford shampoo and used to wash his hair with laundry soap or sabun. (I suspect his theory is not correct. Nowadays everyone can afford shampoo, and how come so many baldies?). In Pr 4, we had a Mr Chew. We liked him. He used to bring us, a few of his favorite pupils, for ‘excursions’ to places like Botanical Gardens in his Ford Prefect. He also taught us how to sing Yellow Bird. He once told us a story of Dracula – the girls were so scared, they huddled together, 2 to a chair. Wait a minute – was that Mr Tan??? But Mr Chew was also quite fierce. Many of the boys got slapped. I got slapped once; not on the face though, but the back of the head. My protective brother David witnessed it and it seemed to hurt him more than it did me.

How about the other students?

Most were kampong kids from the neighbouring areas like Kampong San Teng (Bishan), Thomson Road and Potong Pasir. Unfortunately, I can’t remember any of my friends from that era except 3 kids with Christian names. Those days, it was rare for people to have Christian names. One was my good friend Daniel who lived at Bartley Road. The other 2 were girls by the names of Freda Neo and Catherine Yap. Hope they are reading this blog.

Then of course there is sports and games.

We had 4 ‘houses’ named after the roads around us – Braddell, Lornie, Thomson and Caldecott. The sports field was located behind the school at the top of the hill where the present Assisi Home and Hospice stands. Sports Day was quite memorable. We had sack race and ‘fishing ping-pong’. The sports field was also where the boys played our favorite ‘bola hantam’ where we try to hurl the ball at our opponents – certainly not a game for the faint-hearted. I remember there was this left-handed chap from Potong Pasir, His throw was really powerful, and left an ugly red mark on our backs. Sometimes, the ball would land in the neighbours’ bungalow compounds, and some brave soul would have to scale the fence to retrieve it. The bungalows usually belonged to Caucasian expatriates and were located where the present Mary Mount Road is.

Towards the end of my stay in BRS, which was around 1964, I once peered over the fence of our sports field and saw, in the distance, a huge piece of land being cleared by bulldozers for as far as the eye could see. Bear in mind that this was 1964, and it was indeed a rare sight for this kampong boy. I didn't realize it then. I was witnessing history being made. They were building one of Singapore’s earliest HDB estates – Toa Payoh.

Another game we loved to play was kuti-kuti. These were tiny plastic animals which we used to fight each other. Basically you take turns to try to flick your animal on top of your opponent’s. The winner of course gets to keep the opponent’s animal. I am afraid it’s a bit difficult to explain, but if you were from my generation, you know what I am talking about.

Finally the Food

What trip down memory lane is complete without describing the food. One person at BRS we all loved was the friendly drinks vendor called Fong Jie. She was often dressed in white. She allowed us to mix our drinks of different colours; e.g. cherry, orange, sarsi or ice-cream soda and so on to form 1 full glass. The other person we loved was the pineapple drinks man who operated his stall outside our school gate. One glass of pineapple drink cost 5 cents. On days when we were broke, he gave us free drinks: minus the pineapple cubes of course. There was also an Indian sarabak stall outside our school. We like to watch the cook prepare the pratas and toseis. What amazed me was the water. The Indian workers who ate here simply scooped the water from a big rusty 55-gallon oil drum. Amazing isn’t it.

Pineapple Water

Talking of tuck shop food, ACS takes the cake. There were 3 stalls that we loved; the macaroni, beef noodle and curry rice stalls. The curry rice was a bit too expensive for me, so I can only recall the smell. As for the macaroni, it is served with minced pork – simply the best. To this day I seldom take macaroni. Why? Because I just can’t find anything close to the one at ACS.

The beef noodle came at 2 prices; 20 cents and 30 cents per bowl. For 20 cents you get 3 thin slices of beef, whilst for 30 cents you get more of course. However, even at 20 cents, we were allowed 1 additional helping of the delicious soup. But my friend Chun Sing was quite brave; he went for repeated helpings.

In 1969 I went to National Junior College. We were the pioneering batch. Well, the food there wasn’t exactly memorable (or maybe there were distractions? I don’t know.) Anyway, I only remember the long walks across the football field, up a steep slope to reach the canteen in Dunearn Technical School during the first few months when our own canteen was not ready. I often lunched with my good friend Leong Soon Wah. He often teased me for my love of pineapples. Unfortunately, we never kept in touch after JC. Must try to track him down one of these days.

So there you have it. My memories of the little known Braddell Rise School. Our school’s motto was: BE READY TO SERVE.

Now I have a confession. How do you think I am able to recall details like this from more than 40 years ago?

I still have my report book!


Chris said...

You have amazing memory, Chun See. I can't even recall any of my primary schoolmates' names, much less the teachers'....

It was really brave of you to have to go to school alone, even if it was for just a week. But that was quite common in the 60s and 70s, when life to most people was hard. I too walked to school myself during, and remember being run down by a bicycle once.

These days, school kids are a pampered lot. Too pampered for their own good, I'm afraid.

I have faint memories about my early primary school days; but I do have a tale or two to tell that occurred when I was in P5 and P6. I'll blog about it one day ...

Anonymous said...

Chun Sing comments:

Chris is have superb memory! I thought mine is good but yours is transcendently higher!

I didn’t even realise that I was a ‘round headed kid‘ on the block ? My daughter tells me tonight over dinner table of what you described me said that it looks good for women (round headed) which shows of a high content of oestrogen. But I do not feel like a woman.

I did enjoy the beef noodle at the ACS tuckshop (Barker Road)…It was owned by the janitor who lived just the floor above the canteen then. Sorry, I have forgotten his name and he had 2 of his daughters to help him at the business. One of the daughters was a lanky build with a little hunch, and the other a plumb shorter one.

You got me talking this time…I did enjoy my laksa at the ACPS in Coleman Street. I remember the laksa woman who used to live right across my gran’s home at Bukit Pasoh in Teo Hong Road. There was one time that she was short-handed and she asked me to help her with collecting the bowls left lying on the serving tables in the tuck shop after the fellow pupils had finished with their laksa and so I did.

In return she would offer me free laksa, just for once but tell you, I never looked back since. I had always helped myself with the round of free bean-sprout and occasionally with the dau-pok with laksa gravy. Perhaps because of that I have always loved sipping hot soup and probably since, my cholesterol has always been watchfully high, around 240 rating.

Right now, at my present age, I do not miss the Singapore food as much. I have learnt to adapt (certainly not the typical British fish-n-chip) plus the fact that I frequent the far east pretty often when I would have my fair share each time I fly home.

Lam Chun See said...

Friend: your did not confess how many bowls of beef noodle soup you used to take.

Anyway, now I know the real reason why you keep going back - it's not the soup but the daughters that was the main attraction!

Victor said...

That's a very detailed post which proves that your memory of past events is extremely good indeed. (Doesn't say anything about your memory of recent events, though - can't resist taking a dig at you, hee.)

It also shows that you are very sociable, even as a kid - you got to know the round-headed kid in just one week. You also made friends easily with people over the Internet like Chris and I (obviously you have cast to the winds the oft-repeated advice about being too friendly with strangers over the Internet, hehe).

Relax. Chris and I are perfectly decent people. Chris will tell you that I only start taking digs at people whom I am comfortably close with. So that's a good sign.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Like you, I also played hantam bola and kuti kuti as a kid. I also played marbles, picture cards, hopskotch, catching, hide-and-seek, chaptek, rubber bands, kite-flying etc. Maybe 'the games we used to play' deserves another post of its own. So you write or I write? :)

Victor said...

Oh I nearly forgot to ask - did one of the two daughters of the Laksa lady end up as Mrs Chu? (Like the lyrics to a song from the movie Grease, 'tell me more, tell me more'.)

Lam Chun See said...

Victor - looks Chun Sing's description of the 2 daughters has distracted you from the main subject, which was the food.

The 2 daughters belonged to the beef noodle seller not the laksa lady. Fortunately, none of the 2 lasses ended up with the round-headed kid. Ohterwise he will suffer overdose of beef noodle soup.

Lam Chun See said...

My eldest brother, Chun Chew, the one with the super memory but too shy to blog, confirms that the 4th house in BRS was "Caldecott' named after the road nearby.

Anonymous said...

I am Lam Chun Chew the elder brother of Chun See, 9 years older to be exact. I am suppose to have an 'elephant memory' according to one of my aunties, but very short on recent ones. In fact I am reputed for being absent-minded, testified by bosses and colleagues. Being borned during the war years, in 1943 (Segamat/Malaya), I can recollect my first train trip back to Singapore together with my parents, probably 2 yrs old then, to a old colonial PSA flat at Nelson Rd. It was here that I witnessed the Surrender of the Japanese (1945)who put up a cultural show for the residents at a nearby open site for the occasion. I must admit the whole episode appeared quite hazy.

On the question of memory, I believe that due to the complexity of the brain, we all can remember certain things very well, especially impactful ones. As for BRS, Chun See memory is better than mine. I must say the principal and teachers did injustice to me -that I can remember for life. I shall relate the incidents later on.

Lam Chun See said...

Now that Chun Chew brot up the subj, I forgot all about the punishments. Which goes to show that our brain tends to remember the fond stuff only. Anyway, I will wait for his story before I add in my memories of the punishments.

Anonymous said...

The punishment I received from the Principal, an ex British Army Officer, was most ridiculous. During recess time, a group of boys, including myself, were strolling towards his office. One joker climbed up a low tree, facing the principal office and was caught by him. He dragged this boy down and gave a few nasty strokes of his rottan on his backside. At the same time, he rounded all of us, the innocent ones and applied the same treatment. Relating to the form teacher punishment, I was actually made a scapegoat - being the most timid fellow in the class. The teacher found the class to be noisy, he punished innocent one (myself) to warn the other noisy culprits. Where is justice ? This lesson really changes me from an extreme introvert to an assertive one, and I always believe that in the noble teaching profession there are few black sheep hidding in its background.

Anonymous said...

I have been searching the internet for anything that got to do with Braddell Rise School and I had finally found something. I went to Braddell Rise School from 1966 to 1971. I remembered the "hantam bola" we played in the field behind our school and also the drink stall "ah jie". We used to asked for cold water after PE lesson and she would placed plastic cups of cold water on the window sill for us. My favourite mixed drink was soya bean with F&N orange. It tasted so good then but found it weird now.
Chun See thanks for the memories...

Anonymous said...

Like annoymous, I also had been looking for BRS news for a long time. Found your blog few days ago and was so delighted. I went to BRS from 1967 to 1972. My principal at that time is Mrs Victoria...something (forgot).
This "Ah Jie cold water" phase is too deep in my memories. Missed the two slender lady in white who offers FOC cold ice water after PE. My favourite soft drinks mixed are ice-cream soda and soya bean. Also not forgetting the scary toilet....(ever heard about the pair of leg found in the toilet hole???)
Chun See, you can also find some more BRS friends in the Yahoo school friends site. Hope to see many more BRS friend coming in to your blog. Suggest you install a tagboard.
Once again, thanks chun see...


Lam Chun See said...

Hi Kenn, thanks for the lead about yahoo. If you want to see some old photos of BRS, you can go to the National Archive Site Picas and type in Braddell Rise School. But the photos are copyrighted of course.

Kenn said...

Chun See, thanks. I went to Picas. Most of the photos are taken in 1955 which was way before I was born. But, I can still see the structure of the school and most importantly, the school uniform. I had totally forgotten about the uniform. I do not have any photos of my time in BRS cos I can't afford a camera (it was consider luxury at that time). Once again, thanks Chun See. So, any consideration of setting up a tagboard? Try it, more convenient for you and your friends.


Lam Chun See said...

Very paiseh, I don't know how to set up the tagboard.

7-8 said...

I studied in ACPS for 3 years, one of the last batches of students in the Coleman Road compound. I was also from the gifted program, which like so many other things in this blog, no longer exists.

nicknamed "Colonel" said...

Salaam to Lam Chun See. Indeed he has an "elephant memory"
I thought at the RI 1975 Alumni forum, one or two individuals alleged that I have a good memory, but Mr. Lam Chun See (ACS and NJC) wins hands down.
By the way, our family kept all our report cards (from Radin Mas School, the old one at Mount Faber, near Kampong Radin Mas and RI).
I also missed a few of my friends from Radin Mas School, especially a classmate, Leong Kum Wah (whose father worked at Pasir Panjang Power Station, and they lived at Miri Road near the old Kampong Bahru Road), who shared his food and soft drinks with me, a student from a poor family. Unfortunately, despite me trying all the telephone numbers in the Singapore Telephone Directory (during my several visits to SG in the past), I have failed to track him down, after we went to different secondary schools.

nicknamed "Colonel" said...

Talking about ACS, through the generosity of one of my teachers, Mr. Chan Wing Thim (at Radin Mas School), my brother and I respected the ACS' ethics and its motto (The Best is Yet to be).
If not for Mr. Chan, we would not have the opportunity to visit places, enjoy the different cuisine, and had so much recreation and fun.
Mr. Chan (also our badminton coach - my teammates and I from Radin Mas were Combined Schools or National Primary School badminton runners up in 1969) took us to movies, fishing in Punggol & Tampines, Wonderland, karate championships, swimming, zoo etc., satay at the old satay club numerous times, peranakan food in Katong, etc.
Mr. Chan sent $50 cash in an envelope when I got married in Toronto years ago.
Last year, Mr. Chan's nephew e-mailed me that Mr. Chan leapt from a block of HDB flats, because he did wish his illness to be a burden to his nephew.
Mr. Chan (born in 1939) and his brothers went to ACS. His parents used to live in a mansion at Bukit Timah.
My brother and I, as well as several boys from Radin Mas School, are forever grateful for his mentoring and generosity (time and money).
May his memory be eternal.

Anonymous said...

hi there, it really good to see something about this Braddel Rise School, i was there from 1973-1978

Anonymous said...

hi all
i was from braddell rise too! born in year 1965, should be there from 71 to 76. some of us met yesterday, although a small group but we had a lovely time recalling our primary school days. we are still trying very hard to contact the missing 27 of them from our class, if you have siblings/cousin/friends that from my batch please ask them to contact us.
guat bee

Lam Chun See said...

Hi Guat Bee thanks for dropping by. Indeed surprised and happy to see occasional ex-BRS students dropping by this blog.

sunlight said...

My name is Phoon Geng Chee, Guat Bee's classmate (and almost boyfriend but she got a crush on someone else ha ha) in BRS 1972-1977. I lived in Kampong San Teng, now Bishan then.

My younger brother and two cousins all studied in BRS. I steal glances at the building and the slopes everytime I drive past....they were quite simply our "playground".

BRS is such a "neighbourhood" school, the kids were poor kampong boys and girls. But it was one of the best times of my life.


HG LEE said...

Hi Everyone,

I studied in Braddell Rise School from 1972-1978. I was wondering anyone has pictures of the school before it was closed. It has an unique structure. Unfortunately, the lower block had been torn down. Missed the morning Fresh Air!

Anonymous said...


I was there during the same time, so you could be someone from my class. May I have your full name?

Guat Bee

Anonymous said...

Hi Guat Bee,

Lee Hwa Guan???

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

I also studied in Braddell Rise School from 1972 to 1977. Those days we didn't have any tutors like Kiasu parents like us nowadays for our kids.... LOL

The last time I drove past the school was 5 years ago. Such memories.... ah.

CL Tan

Anonymous said...

It is certainly great to see that even though the school may not be physically there, the spirit lives on... Wonder if any of our teacher is reading this... I am sure those in Pri 6 during the 1972 era would remember Mrs Annie Ng, the fierce Pri 6 teacher who was responsible for whipping is into shape for PSLE or Mrs. Huang, the school Prinicpal then.

Anyway, coincidentally enough, this being the year of the rat, the rats of class Pri 6A (AM) of 1972 decided to try to get a class reunion after 36 years. Surprisingly, we located closed to 90% of the class and just missing a few "rats". So, if u were in Pri 6A (AM) in 1972, and is not aware of this class reunion, drop me a email at

Lam Chun See said...

Hi. I am surprised and gratified that after more than two-and-a-half years, this post is still attracting former BRS students. Unfortunately none of you are from my cohort.

Anonymous said...

In response to zz26jul01, my younger sister also went to Braddell Rise School. According to my sister, Mrs Huang retired as principal in the early 80's. Mr. Phoon replaced Mrs Huang as principal after that till the mid 80's. The school was closed somewhere in the mid 80's.

I don't know anyone of you. I would sure like to meet anyone in the class of 1977 (primary 6, am session)?

CL Tan

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that my younger sister had Mr Phoon as one of her teachers in Maths before he became principal of Braddell Rise School. My sister also said she keep failing Maths in Primary school every year until she had Mr. Phoon, who was a great teacher who was very patient with her and the class.

CL Tan

HG LEE said...

Hi, Response from MOE :
Dear HG Lee,

Braddell Rise School (primary) ceased operations in 1985

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Fong Wai Kean
Customer Service Centre, MOE

Anonymous said...

Wow, Oh my gosh....I know you guys Guat Bee & Phoon Geng Chee as classmates! I googled Braddell Rise School and I am so glad I know you guys are around. How do I contact you guys?

I remember Braddell Rise School like yesterday. Well sort of...


Anonymous said...

Hi ljh

Send me an email at, and leave your full name.

I am still in touch with teacher Mrs Lee Sai Gek (Chinese teacher) and Ms Tan Guan Hiar, send me an email if you want to contact them.

Guat Bee

Anonymous said...

Hi, anyone out there from class Pri 6A (PM) of 1971?
I remembered my form teacher Mrs Lim Peng Wah and principal Mrs Huang

Teo Soon Ann

Lam Chun See said...

Welcome to all you ex-BRS students. Never knew that there are so many of you out in the blogoshpere. I really have to take back these words in my introduction:

"I don’t think any of you reading this blog have even heard of BRS."

Can't believe that nearly 2 years after I blogged about his little-known school, people are still reading this article.

Anonymous said...

I attended BRS till it closed and Mr Phoon was the principal. I was in Primary 5 then before I went to CHIJ.

I was fortunate enough to be at the farewell party in 1985, most teachers were there, we had a BBQ and the Principal's son brought a guitar to accompany us as we all sang around the campfire.

I missed my BRS classmates as none of them went to CHIJ except me because my Mother insisted that I went to that school.

Lim Siew Lian

Anonymous said...

Hi All
Amazing to find this site. I was at BRS from 64 to 67. Yes in 64, we had an Indian principal, must be the same Mr Marriappan that Chun See mentioned. He once gave me a lift to school, I was so afraid I never said a word from start to finish of the journey. In 65 the principal who took over was a Mrs Homburg even more scarier for us young ones. My Pr 1 teacher was Miss Koh, Pr 2 Miss Chan?, Pr 3 Mr ?, Pr 4 Mr Lim Poh Ek if I remember correctly, must dig up my old report cards. Yes do remember very clearly hanging outside the tuckshop window that looked out to Mt Alvenia hosp, where we waited for the ice and ice water to be passed around. Remember a huge python being caught in the girls toilet, must have been in 65, they put the python in a bin and one of the teachers (Pr 6 teacher) could hardly lift the bin. Also few rubber trees around the fences where we used to collect rubber seeds.


Anonymous said...

Hi all:

I also went to BRS. I was in Primary 4 and at that time Mr Phoon was a princpal. I also went to the farewell campfire and also recalled the principal's son brought his guitar and sang, it was very very nice. I remembered that the teachers at that time refused to call it a farewell camfire. My sister who also attended BRS but was in secondary 1 in another school asked to attend the campfire but was told that only current students at that time can come. She was sad that she couldn't come. It was a pity that the school had that rule at that time because past students who have loved to pay tribute to the school. Those were the days.

Michael Chua

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Mr Lam to pen this BRS. My best childhood time in that school : no stress, just play! :)

Surprised to know Lim Siew Lian studied until the school closed, I also a student of BRS (1981 to 1985) but not sure we were in the same class. I thought that I could graduate *sigh* from BRS.

There was a class group photo took in 1985 but I lost it accidentally (many years ago) and I have completely lost in touch with a few old classmates by name : Lin Yifang is used to live Jalan Pelatina and my best friend : Yingying. I hope to contact them or other old classmates who know me, as I want to reprint the photo so that I could nostalgic!

If you are happened to know me as Wu Yuqing, please drop an email to

thank you!

Best Wishes
student of Braddell Rise School
(1981 to 1985)

Anonymous said...

"Be Ready to Serve", this is the school motto.

"Alma mater dear, to thee we sing your praises ..." that's our school song and that's all I can remembered :P

When I google and I found this posting, was delighted!!
I guess lots of people doesn't know this school, or can't remember even though it was once at the corner of Braddell and Thomson road.

For me, BRPS is part of my childhood memories. I never failed to find traces of my primary school life whenever I passed by the place, although the school's architecture is mostly gone.

I was a student from 1975-1980, my sister was one batch earlier than me. Mrs Huang was the Principal then and our Pr 6 form teacher is none other than Mrs Annie Ng.

Life was so simple then.
We had so much fun: playing catching during recess at the basket ball court (assembly area), 5 stones with my friends etc... buying food from the 4 stores canteen (indian, chinese, ah jie's drink store and a tidbit store)
I have to cross the wooden overhead bridge everyday to take bus home at the bus stop outside McRitchie Reservoir... there was a mama store at the bus stop.

I missed my friends in which we spent 6 years together. Wonder where and how they are doing?

Missed by:
Vivian ( Lay Hui)

Anonymous said...

Hi all:

Wow, I googled BRS and I got this page - so nice. I was in BRS from 1980 to 1985. I am one of the fortunate ones that attended the farewell party. However, I don't know anyone of you. I am probably one year older then Siew Lian. I remember Mr Phoon as the last principal of the school. I agree with you all - life was much simplier then. I also remember the bus stop outside McRitchie Reservoir.

Melinda Quek

jadelee said...

Hi to all ex-BRS students! It is so heartening to read all these comments about BRS. I,too, attended this cosy school from 1959 to 1964. All of us will always remember the school and the staff for laying the foundation in us, starting with basic English. We poor kampong kids did not even have kindergarten education and started in BRS learning ABC...
I am so grateful to the drink vendors,(Fong Jie and sister) for the foc. cold water they handed out. Such good memories! Thanks! Chun See.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

my name is Raymond Ng Kim Yong.(1980-1985).

Got something to say to Vivian (Lay Hui) on her comment.

"Be Ready to Serve", this is the school motto.

"Alma mater dear, to thee we sing your praises ..." that's our school song and that's all I can remembered :P

Missed by:
Vivian ( Lay Hui)

Hi Vivian, I'm ex-Ang Mo Kio Secondary School student(1986-1989). The song above is Ang Mo Kio Secondary School school song.

We will make our voices ring
so the world will know thy name

Come to think of it, I can't recall our Braddell Rise School school song.
Hmmm... Anyone out there knows?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories Mr Lam. I was in BRS from 1975-1978 (Pr3 - 6).

Anonymous said...

I remember Ms Annie Ng very well even though I was never in her class. We used to play football in the morning, being in the afternoon class and one day I did a stupendous volley of the plastic ball and it fell right onto the metal table of her front row student with a loud "crash". Her entire class froze in shock. You can hear her scream all the way to MacCritchie Reservoir. Me and my friends were made to stand outside her class for I cannot remember how long.
The funny thing is she returned the ball to us after the punishment and we resumed playing in the field the next day hee hee

Geng Chee
6A, class of 1972-1977

Anonymous said...

Hi Chun See,

I chance upon your blog, liked the old pictures and stayed around. Lo and behold, we are from the same primary school.
I was in BRS from 1961 -1965 P2-P6.

I remember the principal Mr M Mariappan one day hit tennis balls against the side of the lowest block in the basketball court. I think your P3 teacher was also my P3 form teacher Mr Tan Jue Hern. Mrs Annie Ng, my class used to call her "lau hor". She's fond of calling the naughty boys "you wicked devil"

Yes, I recall the tuckshop with the 2 kind ladies selling drinks and the indian mee siam seller.

So glad to find this post.

Say LM

Anonymous said...


I was also student at BRS till it closed in 1985. The principal was Mr. Phoon. yes, I also attended the farewell party like Michael Chua said. I like he campfire. Yes, I also remembered the principal's son that came to play guitar for us. Yes, I also remembered the drinks seller lady.

I am happy to find this on the internet.

Lim CP

Anonymous said...

Hi Chun See:

This is quite a find on the internet. Wah, I do not know anyone of you. I am in the same year as Michael Chua. I left BRS when the school closed in 1985, I was primary 4 then. Yes, like Lim CP and Michael Chua I also remember Mr. Phoon as the principal. I did not go to the farewell party but my sister, she was in Primary 6, went and said the farewell party was very nice. I tried to go on facebook to look for my old classmates but do not see any, looks like I have lost touch. I remember the school has like 3 levels and primary 1 & 2 is on the 1st level, primary 3 & 4 on 2nd level and primary 5 and above on the 3rd level.

Shirley Tan

Lam Chun See said...

At the introduction of my article, I wrote"I don’t think any of you reading this blog have even heard of BRS".

Well I am very happy to be proven wrong. Four-and-a-half years have flown by since I posted this article, and still I am receiving comments from ex-BRS students.

Do keep connected to this blog becos me and a couple of ex-BRS students of my cohort are toying with the idea of coming up with a book (pretty much like this one; but perhaps on a smaller scale) documenting our collective memories of the school which is still so close to our hearts after more than 4 decades. If that project takes off, I really look forward to receiving whatever inputs that I can from you folks.

Meantime, if you are new to this blog please do check other articles on BRS by clicking on the category; Schools on the right side bar; including one by my ex-classmate Aii Chan.


Ahmad Talat said...

Coming across this blog brought back very, very old memories. I was at BRS from 1957 to 1959 in Pr. 1 to Pr. 3. Having arrived from Pakistan into a very different environment, the first few months were rather difficult, but then I grew to not just like the school, but love it. I remember when Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s PAP came to power for the first time in 1959, one of their reforms was to increase the school week from 5 days to 6---and this really excited me and I became a fan of his!

Lam Chun See said...

Welcome Ahmad Talat. If you remember anything about BRS, do share with our ex-BRS readers here.

Kim said...

Chun See, Your BRS blog is still so alive!! Hi Ahmad Talat, you had been earlier in BRS by 2 years than me. Now that you mentioned about school from 5 to 6 days, you brought back some BRS memories of saturday at school. I thought we went back only for sports/games and other activities like the library or brownies etc. It was a joy to borrow those Enid Blyton books and I still remember the library being at the first room of the third block - Chun See, this was our pr.4 class room with Mr Chew Wai Choon, remember? You should really put our recollections into a book called B.R.S. Put me as the first buyer - I might fly back to get it.

Lam Chun See said...

Kim. If, I repeat, IF, I find time to do this project, it will be next year earliest.

You said, you would fly back to buy the book: but 80% of the book will be your contributions. Well maybe I will contribute that page of my report book that says I got 2nd in class. Haha.

Kim said...

Chun See, I don't give up hope so easily even though you wrote IF in front of this project. Knowing you being so active during the BRS days, I am pretty sure that you will succeed in it. Of course Good morning yesterday will come first - I shall reserve a signed copy too. Looking at your BRS blog, it will be a thick book with contributions from all the ex-BRS students. By the way, I really appreciated having the opportunity to see your report book, tks again!

Ahmad Talat said...

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome. You have asked me to share memories of the school---I’d like to do that, but of course in looking more than half a century down memory lane, things are bound to appear rather hazy. Anyway I’ll give it a shot.
One thing that appeared unusual to me about the school was its operating in two shifts, with the shifts alternating between morning and afternoon every year. That meant that you had to get used to a whole new schedule at the beginning of each year, which was always awkward at first.
I was in the shift with Caldecott and Lornie Houses. As I remember, our identification with Houses wasn’t very significant except for the period leading up to the Sports Day. It was in those competitions that we became fierce partisans for our respective Houses and there was a lot of teasing and bantering (mostly good-natured) exchanged. Our respective colours, Yellow and Green, provided the focus for much of that exchange. The Green Lornians had a very catchy slogan to demoralize us Caldecottians: “Yellow, Yellow---Dirty Fellow!” And I’m afraid Caldecott, despite our best efforts, could never come up with anything quite as offensive to effectively counter it! The Sports day was a colourful affair with the Blue and Red of the Houses from the other shift also joining in. I think that was about the only time that we came into contact with them.
Of course, there are also memories of the recess----much of the fun in the school was compressed into that short period. I’m afraid I wasn’t particularly interested in food (and haven’t changed much even after fifty years!) so I don’t really remember a lot about the food stalls---For refreshment, I usually alternated between the sharp tang of Pepsi and the mildness of those flavoured pointy milk packs.
In our set, the most popular game during the break was a version of “Cops & Robbers”. What made it more interesting was that the “Robbers”, besides evading the “Cops”, could also launch rescue attempts for their “jailed” companions. The other game that we played sometimes was on the badminton courts, where one group had to get across using its painted lines that defined allowed routes for the attempts at crossing and the defenders’ patrolling.
Yes, I do remember that arcane game of “kuti kuti” where people went at each other with those tiny plastic figures. I wasn’t much of a player myself but did enjoy occasionally watching the fiercely competitive spirit of the die hards. I seem to remember that the game was officially banned in the school and it was played rather furtively, which perhaps added to its spicy flavour.
And then there was the unforgettable tradition at the first bell announcing the end of the break when everyone had to freeze in whatever position they might be in, with the Prefects looking out with great zeal to “arrest” the poor guy (or gal) who might have so much as twitched during the minute or two of that mandatory freeze.
OK, I guess that’s enough for now---Maybe the next time I’ll try to recall something about the classes.

Kim said...

Ahmad Talat, congratulations you recalled and wrote a lot of BRS! My memory of the sport houses :
our batch of students had Braddell (green) Caldecott (yellow) and the other batch of students had Thomson (blue) and Lornie (Red). I was in Braddell House (green) and I think Chun See was also in the green house ? The yellow Caldecott had better sportlers than the green house.

Lam Chun See said...

I think I was in Caldecott House; And I certainly remember the chant; Yellow, Yellow, Dirty Fellow.

Ahmad Talat said...

Reading Kim’s remarks of 23 September, I realized that I had made a mistake in naming Lornie as the House with the green colour----It was indeed Braddell. Sorry for the mistake, but in trying to recall things after more than 50 years, one can slip up her and there!

Kim said...

Ahmad Talat, as I wrote I thought you were v. good in your memory of BRS. Green = Braddell, and we were also called: jealous monster against Yellow yellow dirty fellow! I thought that Chun See was in Braddell because in my mind, I visualized him running in his singlet with a piece of green cloth attached by safety pins. But Chun See told us he was in yellow house, so you see, I was not right this time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I remembered what you all said in the comments. I am so happy to see this website. I think I remember you Melinda Quek. You are the one who I bought my first Madonna cassette tape from. Those days tapes were cheap and CDs were expensive for us BRS pupils. Are you friends with the tall girl Kwee Lan who sat at the back of the class in Primary 6?

Like Melinda Quek, I was there till 1985 and I remembered Mr Phoon taking over Mrs Huang as principal. I was in the Lornie house. I remembered the busy road in front of the school. I remember Mrs Annie Ng, she always shouts and punishes people.

Colleen Lim

Jenny Lee said...

Hi Melinda, Lim CP and Raymond,

This is Jenny Lee. I was at BRS from 1980-1985. I was so excited to come across this blog when I goole BRS. WOW!!!WOW!!!WOW!!!

Shirley Tan, could you please pass my contact to your sister, who might be in the same class as me, Pr 6A.

Mrs Huang was our principal and then Mr Poon (always adjusting his pants :)) took over.

I still remembered in our tuckshop we have 4 stalls. The mee stall by a Chinese auntie, the indian stall, the ah jie drink stall and the snack stall managed by my classmate's grandma.

Love the big field behind the last block.

So many wonderful memories...

If you are in BRS from 1980-1985, and P6A, please drop me an email at

Mr Lim, a BIG THANK YOU for this blog.

Let's try to come up something for all the ex-BRS...

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ex-BRS

I was from class 77-6A, birthyear - 1965.

Out of the 41 classmates, 29 of us are still staying in touch.

We would like to contact the other missing 12 hence,

please contact if you know of any from the list below, thanks!

1. K.Vijaya - Toa Payoh, Lor 5

2. Ng Soh Vim - Unknown

3. Ong Siew Mui - Kampung San Teng

4. Ong Tiew Mui - Toa Payoh, Lor 5

5. Ang Kim Joo - Unknown

6. Chow Wai Meng - Unknown

7. Chua Chek Meng - Unknown

8. Lim Joo Peng - Upp Thomson Rd

9. Loke Loy Kwong - Unknown

10. Tay Hock Eng - Upp Thomson Rd

11. Tan Seng Hong - Unknown

12. Tan Swee Boon - Unknown

Guat Bee

Anonymous said...

This is such a surprise, I know you Colleen and Kwee Lan - we were classmates in 1985. How are you all - Colleen and Kwee Lan? Whoa....I am so happy to see this on the internet. Those were the days. Yes, I also remember Mr Phoon, the principal. Yes, I also remembered the farewell party in 1985, before the school closed. I didn't know that the boy that played guitar was Mr Phoon's son until now. We all had a campfire and sang songs. Yes, I had an older brother who finished school and wanted to come but was told only current students can attend the farewell party. I remember the tuckshop where we all hang out before the school start, such sweet memories.

Hong Beng

Anonymous said...

i come upon this blog while checking if there is any Pages created for Braddell Rise Pri Sch.
I stayed in Sin Ming Road Blk 26 in the 70s and 90% of the children there study in this sch.
I also the last batch graduated in 1984 b4 the school closed.
I born in 1973. hope to find some lost childhood friend from here.

ivan said...

Wow really exciting to have found this blog. I am in BRS from 1977 to 1982. P6A 1982 Mrs Annie Ng class. I remember Mrs Seet,Mr Poon, and Mrs HUANG the principle. Clearly still remember Mrs Annie Ng English class, really stressful.

Tan Kun Hoa said...

Hi, Anyone from year 1969 primary 6A?
I am Tan Kun Hoa from BRS from 1967 (pri. 4A to 6A)
I still remember students like Ivan Barker, Tan Ah Sum, Tan ah Siew ( twin bros ), Tan Hock Soon, Tham Yew Cheong,
Lee Ann Kee, Lee kow Kia and etc..
Hopes to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kun Hoa

Great you found this site. Yes I remember all the students you mentioned in your post, and I am Ivan. Also remember San Choy, Mun Seong, Kumaran (who left in Pr 3), Sok Moi, Bung Kiang, and Cheng Soon. Can you remember our Pr 4 teachers name?


jade said...

Hi Ivan,
You mentioned Sok Moi? I do know her and she was in BRS in 1969.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jade
Thank you for the reply. I was in the same class as Sok Moi from 64 to 67. Could let her know my email addr is, if she wants to contact me.

Hello Kun Hoa
Please contact me at the email addr in the above post.

Hello Ahmad Talat
(post 23 Sep 2010)
We played the same games as you in the 60s - 'Police and Thief' and the one on the badminton court we call 'balloon', some of the guys played marbles, and if one were bored and up to mischief then there were the rubber seeds which we'd rub against the cement floor to make it hot and touching our classmates so they'd almost get burned - but usually got into trouble for this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vivian ( Lay Hui ),

I know you, do not know whether you still remember me "the smallest size in class" After reading all the comments let me recalled the happiest times at BRS. Hope time can froze... haiz. Anyway, wish everyones here healthy... take care.

Lim Swee Kiang Marcus
Ex-BRS ( 1975 - 1980 ) ( Facebook )

Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen, Hong Beng and Kwee Lan:

It's me - Lay Kuan! I know you - Colleen, Hong Beng and Kwee Lan. I think I sat 3 rows down from you in class remember or not? We would play badminton? We both live in Toa Payoh at that time.

I remember the teachers you talked about. However, I didn't think Mrs Annie Ng was a good teacher at all. Doesn't mean if you yell and shout it us pupils it's good. I felt so stressful in her class, I hardly learn anything, it was a bad experience for me having Mrs Annie Ng as a teacher.

I like the tuckshop were we would hangout. Too bad I do not have any pictures of our classmates in BRS. I would show my 2 children where I used to go to school when I drive by the former BRS.

Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

Lay Kuan

Anonymous said...

Also yes, I remember the last principal of our school - Mr Phoon. I remember him driving his red Volkswagon.

Lay Kuan

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am looking for students who started in 1958 with me....Miss Choo's class; Diana Wong, Daniel Wong, Leong Wai Kit, Yong Ong Tong, Lum Chan Seong and others.....I am Rolana Barker

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am looking for students who started in 1958 with me....Miss Choo's class; Diana Wong, Daniel Wong, Leong Wai Kit, Yong Ong Tong, Lum Chan Seong and others.....I am Rolana Barker

Lam Chun See said...

I Rolana. Lam Chun Seong is my brother. He has emigrated to Australia. He comes back occasionally. If you want to get in touch with him, pls email me at:

Anonymous said...

keeping my fingers crossed Chun See and hoping I will get a reply......

Anonymous said...

Hi. Anyone from P6A birth year 1961? Love this blog. Great memories of the school and teachers. Mrs Huang had a bee hive hairdo. Mr Phoon wore his pants rather high. Mrs Annie Ng was rather fat. Mr Tan was nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi: I was in BRS in the last year 1985. Mrs Annie Ng wasn't a good teacher. She keeps yelling at us pupils. The worst thing is that she thinks by yelling at us our marks will improve, it got worst. Miss Tan was nice. I remember the drink seller at the tuckshop: once I forgot to bring money, she gave me a free drink, very nice lady. I always go back to that stall.

I remember Principal Mr Phoon's red Volkswagon. I was also there at the farewell BBQ campfire party. I remember the eating, laughing and singing. Didn't know until reading the posting that the boy playing guitar was the Principal's son.

This blog posting has brought me memories. Are there any plans for class reunion? Primary 6, Class of 1985?

Peter Lim K.T.

Oh said...

This is really going way way back, anyone from P1 to P6 (1955 to 1960), when Mr. Chew was the the principal. love the school structure with the 3 rows of building, having to climb all those stairs to your classroom before the bell rings, is no fun though. most of my brothers and sisters attend BRS.

Victor Sia said...

Hi guys,
Great to hear BRS news. We are also a group of 1965s (born). Now we are searching our old class mates. Incidentally, Mr Phoon's son is my classmate. Can some locate him? If my memory is not wrong, he joined us from Pri 3. Most of us stay kampong San Teng and Thomson Road. A few from Toa Payoh. If you are born in 1965, pse drop us your contacts at Thanks

Victor sia said...

Hi Hwa Guan n Guat Bee,
Pse drop me a mail. My email is I know you guys.

Anonymous said...


Wow, wow, wow! I know you people Hong Beng, Kwee Lan and Colleen! I was also at the farewell party in 1985. Really, the boy who played guitar was Mr. Phoon's son? It was a great farewell party, we had BBQ and sang songs around the campfire. We were all so sad to see the school close down.

I remember Mr Phoon the principal. He was the senior assistant before he became principal.

Those BRS days were so fun: lots of playing catching, skipping (zero point king), throw stones, etc. I was staying in Thomson Road at that time. I heard now that the BRS building will be torn down in a ST article I read earlier this year. So even sad! Why like that huh?

Lucy Tan

Anonymous said...

I am from from 6A from class if 78. Anyone still keep in touch with ms annie ng? Let me know.

Anonymous said...


Nice comments and blog. I know Peter Lim. It's so nice to hear stories here! I was also there at the farewell party. I was primary 6 then. The pupils and teachers were all so sad that the school was closing, so many of the teachers have been teaching there for a long time. The BBQ campfire party was great too. Principal Mr. Phoon's son sang and played guitar very well. My teacher said he was a professional singer singing at some lounge. To me, it only seemed like yesterday.

My sister and brother also when to BRS. They wanted to come but my teacher said no - only current pupils were allowed to attend the farewell party. Thank you for posting this blog about BRS, it just bring back so many memories.

Susan Tan

Anonymous said...

Hi,was in BRS fm 1972 - 1978. Mr Phoon's son Soon Weng is our classmate. Anybody who has his contact, plse email me at

Tan Bee Kim

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for posting this blog.

I don't know any of you people. I was born 1975. I was in primary 4 when the school closed and many of us were transferred to different schools (I went to ACS). My younger brother also went there. I also remembered principal Mr Phoon.

Yes, I also went to the BBQ farewell party. Like a few people here, I agree that farewell party was a bit sad. I liked the music and teachers sang songs around the campfire. I didn't know until now that it was Principal Mr Phoon's son that played guitar and sang for us.

Daniel Lim

gwen said...

OMG you went to this school the same year as my dad i mean you guys were probably in the same cohort or you were 1 year older, whatever. Anyway, I was reasearching for a biography school project and i found this! Awesome coincidence huh :)

Anonymous said...

I was from B.R.S. 1976 to 1981(Class 6B), P6 form teacher was Mrs Lim. Joined the Brass Band, teacher-in-charge were Ms Ong and Mrs Boey, both were super nice too. Have good memory of the 6 years with all the nice teachers around. What I Remembered:
- The lighted aquarium outside the Principal office, Mrs Huang was our principal then.
- The school field, which was been 'chopped' to half the size to give way to the current Marymount road.
- The 4 stalls in the canteen (the Indian food stall, never missed to buy his delicious Indian Rojak, Fried Noodles & Mee Siam. The drink stall by the 2 nice sisters, I used to buy chilled glass bottled chocolate milk from them, the chinese noodle stall and the Tibits stall.
- Our band teacher who appeared in Singapore $50 note. Sorry, I cannot recall his name.
- The 3 blocks of office and classrooms were linked by stairs. Interesting landscape, the school were like built on a hill, one block higher than the other, with the school field at the highest point.
- Can remember some P6 classmates name as I have photos of them (Siok Kheng, Yuen Yuen, Sio Tin, Bee Leng, Lay Keow, Lilian, Siew Hoon,Ting Ting, Ngee Muoy, Kee Kai, Shu Guang, Cheng Pang, Yu Qing, Kee Leng, Lay Hui)
Totally lost contact of all the classmates, just wonder if there is any chance for us to meet again?

Ho Soo Khin said...

I was at BRPS 1954 - 1957.

Ho Soo Khin said...

Braddell Rise Primary School Song

Alma Mater thou art mine
Dear old Braddell Rise
In the island of the sea
Beneath the lofty eastern sky
Lessons learned and friendships earned
Will live in memory
To help thee serve with hearts and hands
To stand for thee in love and loyalty.

Chun See Lam said...

Thank you Ho Soo Khin for sharing this song and your memories. In case you do not know, the bldgs. of our beloved BRS are being torn down right this minute.

Last month, when I was being interviewed by a ST reporter for an article about senior bloggers, we had our meeting at Mt Alvernia Hospital café and went over to BRS to take some photos. Shortly after, the demolition started.

In my book, Good Morning Yesterday, I and a couple of friends have documented our memories of BRS. Do check it out. My book available from Kinokuniya @ Orchard branch and most National Library branches.

Anonymous said...

Wow, oh my god, this really makes me feel so happy reading this on the internet. I know a few of you people: Susan Tan, Peter Lim, Hong Beng, Coleen, Kwee Lian (Winny). Miss you all!

Are we going to have primary school reunion?

I remember that we kept asking our form teacher where is our school song from and she didn't know. Then one day Principal Mr Phoon told us during assembly (way way back in the early 80's) that our school song is a United States of America Navy (Miliatry) song. It's called "Anchors Aweigh".

You all can listen to the song on YouTube:

This school song really bring back memories. I think it was rather funny that we are brought up in Singapore (British style) system and that the school song is an American song! Wah lau! So funny...

I am so sad the school building has been torn down.

Lee Wee Kiat

Kah Hong said...

Hi i am Tan Kah Hong, son of Tan Ah Sum. I wish to know more about my father how he was like in school, what kind of person he was. As unfortunately he passed away when i was very young so i do not know much about him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kah Hong, did your father have a twin brother?

Mike Leong said...

To nickname "Colonel"

If you happen to see this comment. Sorry I am 7 years late when I saw your post. This is Leong Kum Wah from Radin Mas School. Can you tell me who you are?
You can contact me at my email add: Hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Reference to the post on 24 Feb 2014, looking for friends studying from 1976 to 1981 (6B) . Please leave your contact.

Anonymous said...

good memories..luv yr blog..

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much posting this thing, brings me so good memories. My husband and I drove by BRS a few days ago and didn't even know it was pulled down, sad. So much has changed!

I don't know any one of you, maybe. I finished primary 6 in 1984. I wasn't there at the goodbye party but I was at the year end BBQ party. Yes, I recall Mr Phoon's son bringing his electric guitar and entertained us, it was so nice! I saw him playing at a hotel lounge in the late 80's when I was in Junior College attending a function.

It was quite a unique school set on a hill/slope - primary 1 and 2 in 1st level Primary 3 & 4 on 2nd level. Primary 5, 6, 7, 8 on 3rd level. We would play catching in the school field. So funny, the field got smaller and smaller because of buildings around.

Alice Tan

Anonymous said...

Surprised to read about BRS. 'Hear the school song' can remember the tune. But never knew the words then. I was in Mrs Annie Ng's class Pr 6A in 1973.
i remember many of my friends
Tang Kim Seng
Hun Sue Chin
Hun Sue Mei
Ng Bee Guan
Ng Bee Yan
Ng Bee Lin
Tan Kok Leong
Lim Heng Kee
Alan Lim TS
Pang Yuen Ho
Goh Kim Hong
Phra Siew. Huay
Lim Siew Huay
Lim Mui Noi
Chan Shue Weng
Liu Kwong Hing
? Kian Hing
Ong Joo Lian
Ong Chwee Hock
Chua Soon Kwai
? Chui Cheng
Chun Chui Chun
? Ah Buay
Chin Chek Ming
Goh Kim Lian
Kwan May Yuen
Tham Ngan Ling
Wong Yin Har
Lim Ming Liang

Anonymous said...


Wow, I googled Braddell Rise School and saw your blog, and read other articles about my primary school. Also, I read sadly in the papers last week that Mr Phoon, our last school principal of BRS just passed away. I remembered he took over Mrs Hwang as school principal. I also read his obituary online, you all can see it here:

I don't know any of you. 1985 was also my last year at BRS. I have fond memories of my school - playing catching in the field, hanging out in the tuckshop. So sad that the school has been demolished.

I did attend the farewell party in 1985 and did remember a boy playing and singing songs, didn't know it was Mr Phoon's son, I thought maybe a current BRS pupil. The farewell BBQ was fun and we all played games and ate. Yes, I also remember Mr Phoon driving his Volkswagen Beatle.

May I ask if there is going to be a reunion?

Lim Tiong Wei

keng hock said...

Hello everyone, I am Keng Hock. My daughter alerted me to this site and I was pleasantly surprised that there is a thread on BRS. I attended the school from 1956 to 1958. Mr Felix Chew was the principal then. My class teacher was Mr Wee Chwee Hock who was then the Secretary of the Singapore Teachers Union. I remember Mr Ong Tuan Bee who was the football coach, Mr Fong Pin Pin ?( who stayed in Mackenzie Rd ) and a kind Mr Khoo who actually came to look me up in a rented room we were staying in in Race Course Rd when I was ill and absent for several days. I have many fond memories of my three years there. Coincidentally, four of us ( Beng Hoe, Swee Seng and Lim Kee just met up for lunch last Monday 22nd June. Have been wishing to renew contact with more of my classmates from BRS. I have the complete class list but googling and facebooking expeditions have not been fruitful! Hope that some may stumble on this site like me...Will share more nostalgia in another post.

Aimee Cheng said...

Wow!!!, so many ex BRS...
Thanks for creating this blog..
Of course I remember Fong jie. My late mum and late granny used to run a stall in BRS since day one.
During the mid 60s till mid 70s, my late mum and auntie used to help my granny to run the store.
I remember Lay Hui. Same class from Pr. 3 onwards.
still having her pics in my album.
Used to help my late mom and late granny in the early 70s if anyone can remember me ^^ the fierce little girl from the chinese makan stall...
My days, Mrs Huang was the principle and Mr Poon, VP.
I remember lots of seniors in the early 70s were very helpful and would play with me. ....
Lets chat in facebook..
Aimee Faith (Poh)

Aimee Cheng said...

Wow!!!, so many ex BRS...
Thanks for creating this blog..
Of course I remember Fong jie. My late mum and late granny used to run a stall in BRS since day one.
During the mid 60s till mid 70s, my late mum and auntie used to help my granny to run the store.
I remember Lay Hui. Same class from Pr. 3 onwards.
still having her pics in my album.
Used to help my late mom and late granny in the early 70s if anyone can remember me ^^ the fierce little girl from the chinese makan stall...
My days, Mrs Huang was the principle and Mr Poon, VP.
I remember lots of seniors in the early 70s were very helpful and would play with me. ....
Lets chat in facebook..
Aimee Faith (Poh)

Chun See Lam said...

Thanks for sharing Aimee Cheng. Good idea to have a Facebook Group for ex BRS students. Do you know if such a group already exists? If not, Would you like to start one?

Chun See Lam said...

Guess what? I checked and there is already such a FB group.

Jonathan Chang said...

Is this braddekl primary school in TPY area ? And Just wanna ask if you are 23? Haha

Green Gables said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I studied at Braddell Rise School from 1960 to 1966. My Primary 1 Form Teacher was Miss Tan.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I studied at Braddell Rise School from 1960 to 1965. My Primary 1 Form Teacher was Miss Tan.

HG LEE said...

The Last Principal of Braddell Rise School

IN LOVING MEMORY OF ROGER C.M. PHOON 10/26/1930 - 6/15/2015

Honey & Lemon said...

To Ivan:

Yes he did. You can reach me at