Saturday, November 01, 2014

Here one day, gone the next (Braddell Rise School compound)

It’s finally happened! They’ve completely demolished the buildings that once housed my beloved primary school – the Braddell Rise School.

 Although Braddell Rise School itself had ceased to exist for a number of years now; having moved to Toa Payoh and adopted a different name, the old buildings had been retained and housed a number of different welfare homes such as the Minds Tampines Home, and the Society of Moral Charities. Hence, over the years, whenever I drive past this place; especially when I was on the MacRitchie Viaduct, I could catch a glimpse of my alma mater where I enjoyed many fond childhood memories.

Sorry, the date on the new photos should be 29/8/2014
Still I am comforted by two facts. One, the buildings were not torn down to make way for another condo; but for the expansion of its neighbour, the Assisi Hospice. Two, they had not done this earlier. When I first blogged about BRS in November 2005,  I speculated that when they started building the MacRitchie Viaduct, they certainly would have to clear this piece of land. But to my pleasant surprise, they did not; and over the years, I was able to visit it a few times. And in fact just last year, I was there with my friend James Seah for a photo shoot for an article in the Straits Times.

Still, I cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness when I pass by this place now and take a habitual glance towards where BRS once stood and realize the harsh reality of life in Singapore. We simply have no room for sentimentality on the little island ‘paradise”.

PS – You can read more about my memories of BRS, as well as those of my classmates Kim Aii Chan and Lee Sock Gek in my book, Good Morning Yesterday.


Lye Khuen Way said...

Nice to see your posting after so many months !

Lam Chun See said...

I've been spending more time on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

How can we forgotten about Queensway Shopping Centre and Jumbo Restaurant...
Come Chinese New Year holidays, our neighbours (younger ones)used to played the cards game. Win or lose, we will pooled together for the western meals at Jumbo for everybody :)

tpy boy said...

Hi Chun See, dun abandon / neglect this blog!

I remembered you lamented about being unable to see maps detailing your lor kinchir...I just stumbled upon this

If you scroll thru the years, you can see lor kinchir... and of course im more interested in my toa payoh heheh :)