Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From my Inbox - Colin Liddell

Hi Lam

I have been looking at some of your photos and blogs.
I am a New Zealander who lived in Singapore in 1973 -75. My father was with the NZ Army, and I went to high school in Singapore. I was at Changi, then at Woodlands , lived initially at Serangoon Gardens and then at Seletar.
Serangoon Gardens 1973
Serangoon Gardens
I am part of a group called the Military Brats of Singapore, made up from the kids who went to the school at the Australian & New Zealand Defence Force schools that operated from 1971 – 1989. We have a website and Facebook page and this year we are having a School Reunion in Auckland. We have great memories and some great photo’s as well.

For all of us who were there, Singapore was the best years of our lives. We loved living there, and many of us have been back many times. We ate at the makan stalls and played rugby on the Padang, lived our days at the swimming pools, and snuck off to Bugis St at night, when it was still worth visiting.

Under 14s - Padang 1973
Colin labelled this photo Beach Rd 1973. I don' think this is Beach Rd.

Keep up the great work, and love the stories and photos.

Terimah Kaseh.

Colin Liddell, 16 Jan 2013


James Tann said...

From '73-74, my wife worked as a bus warden on the NZ Forces bus fetching students from all over to their school at Tengah. During school hours, she had to assist in the office as well as in the library.

Lam Chun See said...

That last photo shd be Collyer Quay.

Anonymous said...

The First Photo Showing Serangoon Gardens Way Is Near The Church Between Lichfield Rd & Raglan Grove Looking Towards Lorong Chuan/Serangoon Garden Circus.

Anonymous said...

The last one is Collyer Quay. You can see the four floodlight pylons of the soon-to-be completed National Stadium in the distance.

Colin Liddell said...

Hi James Taan , I may have a photo of your wife from back then , the school magazines had photos of our bus wardens.
There are many in our group from those years , some may even remember her.