Saturday, November 10, 2012

Attap houses @ Somapah Village, 1952

As a follow up to the previous post about the open-air cinema at Somapah Village, here are two more photos of attap houses along Somapah Road. Young readers who have never seen an attap house close-up and are curious about what the attap roof looks like can check out my post here

You can see more photos of attap houses in another part of Singapore in the mid-1960s here; photos courtesy of Geoffrey Pain. 

Finally here’s a photo of what Joe Elliott describes as a “toilet over cesspool”.


agongkia said...

Prior to resettlement in Somapah,we had upgraded to zinc roof.We are fortunate that we have a big pond and we have 2 toilets built on top of the pond.Fishes,tortoises etc will come and eat the waste sometimes.The water is sometimes clear like a mirror and you can see the reflection.Another one built on ground would have a drainage link to the pond.

I know of one ah pek who would collect the waste from some folks maybe as fertiliser with 2 pails .Another hawker ah pek who also have 2 pails with him sells "Or Choot"instead.I sometimes went to the wrong ah Pek to buy my OrChoot.

Lam Chun See said...

What's "Or Choot"? Is it "Or Bee Choot" the black gluttonous rice.

agongkia said...

Yes.Its short form for Or Bee Choot.
Those hawkers who sell Cheng Thng,Green bean soup and Tau Suan will also sells Or Choot.Add some coconut milk,shrrkk............sedap.Think it cost ten cents those days.

Unknown said...

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