Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SingPost's Posting Moments Photo Contest

To celebrate World Post Day on 9 October, SingPost has launched a photo contest on Facebook. The Posting Moment’s Photo Contest calls for Singaporeans to share their cherished postal moments on Facebook. You stand a chance to win an iPhone 5 amongst other attractive prizes.
It could be a pen pal letter that you’ve kept for 40 years, a stamp collection belonging to your grandfather, or the postcard you just received yesterday. Just take a photo and submit to the Facebook page with an accompanying caption (of not more than 200 characters).

This is the photo that I have submitted. It is a page from my half-century old stamp album. The stamps you see here are from a time when Singapore was part of Malaya.
I used to collect stamps as a kid. Whenever I received a letter, or greeting card from a friend, I would carefully remove the stamp and paste it to my album. What a thrill it was to receive a letter with a stamp that I did not already have.

I would also exchange stamps with my cousins, classmates, and an Indian boy from Bartley School who came around to our kampong to sell snacks in the afternoon. We became friends. But sadly we have lost touch over the years. How nice it would be if he could read this post. And then we can become friends again. But this time, we would not be exchanging stamps, but memories.

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