Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gift Ideas for your parents

Don’t know what to get for your parent’s birthday? Instead of adding to his calories with chocolates or an expensive meal, why not take him on a stroll down memory lane?

Get him a copy Good Morning Yesterday. Available at Times, Kinokuniya and Popular at only $18.65.

PS – If you cannot find my book at the book stores, please let me know so that I can feedback to the distributor. Send me an email, and I will do something about it. Anybody who wants GMY should be able to get one!


pehsk 白成杰 said...

My parent can not read English.

Nostalgic said...

Agrees with pehsk. Many of the older generations do not understand English.. It is a pity because this will be a great read for them. Are there any plans to have one published in Chinese too?

Lam Chun See said...

Actually, my suggestion here is meant for younger readers whose parents would be around my generation; i.e. Peh's age. Not for Peh's parents who are already in their 80's. For that generation, the more urgent task is to interview them and capture their memories.

Sorry no plans to translate to Chinese. Priority now is to sell the English one. Too much work and cost :( Unless somebody wants to sponsor.

Unless somebody wants to sponsor.

Muhammad Atif said...

Instead of adding to his calories with chocolates or Send gifts to Pakistan from UK.

Gifts to pakistan said...

Its a nice way to make your parents happy. Nice gifts collection.