Tuesday, March 06, 2012

GMY Book Contest #1 - Kampong houses

I just posted an article at the Singapore Memory Website about my kampong house at Lorong Kinchir. I also posed a quiz for the readers. Want to take up the challenge? You may win a copy of my book Good Morning Yesterday.

PS - Pls do not post your answers as comments here or over at the other website. Thank you.

OK. The here are the 2 photos used in my quiz. You are supposed to identify the location of these 2 kampong houses. These photos were taken in 2012.


Icemoon said...

I think I know the answer to one of the photos. It is near your house. But since I already have your book, I let others have the chance.

Lam Chun See said...

Thanks. That's very gracious of you, Icemoon.

Lam Chun See said...

These past few days, my blogs has received so many spam comments from "seo singapore". I just deleted 10. I wonder how come Blogger is not able to block them, especially when I have already reported them as spam. Wonder if this is a legitmate organisation.

Anyway, back to our quiz. So far I received only a couple of entries; and they are all wrong. No, these 2 houses are not in Kg Buangkok or P. Ubin. And they are not in the same area in Spore.

Maybe my quiz is too difficult or readers are too shy to email their replies and reveal their identity and addresses. Also think that those who know the answers are regular readers who already have my book.

I will post another one shortly - an easier one this time - and see how it goes. If still poor participation, then maybe we should just go back to our old format and let people post their replies and guesses in the comments.

Thimbuktu said...

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Anonymous said...

Those "cocks" are linking with any site hoping to sell their products.

Eddy Goh said...

Hi Chun See, I think there's another kampung (perhaps the last one) in Mandai....


Just to share!!

Pat said...

@ Chun See: "These past few days, my blogs has received so many spam comments [...] I wonder how come Blogger is not able to block them, especially when I have already reported them as spam."

Are you still receiving spam comments, even with the captcha (word verification) function in place ? Incidentally, there are some blog masters who are so pleased with how well Blogger's spam filter supposedly works that they actually did away with the captcha function in in their blogs.

Also, I notice that some human (ie. non-automated) spammers try to trick the spam filter by copying & pasting a chunk of someone else's legitimate comments, before appending their own spam.

On the other hand, Thimbuktu's Blogger login password appears to have been compromised, such that the spammer is directly placing spam as a new post under Thimbuktu's name. The infiltrator has also altered some post settings/codes (eg. getting the spam-post published on date X/time Y, even though it is not yet date X/time Y.) Even as I'm writing this comment, a spam-post (dated 04 Apr 12) related to "happy bedroom life" is displayed at the top of Thimbuktu's blog.

Bloggers whose blogs are featured as links at Thimbuktu's blog must wish to take extra precautions against the said infiltrator.

Lam Chun See said...

Thanks for the advice, Pat. I only learnt recently that there are actually 'human' spammers who physically enter the spam comments in our blogs. I suppose if they go through so much trouble, then I shd regard this as an endorsement of the popularity of my blog :)

peter said...

I wonder why spammers enjoy a kick doing doing these things?

James said...

Spam programmers are so sophisticated now that most of the blog spammers are 'auto spam' not human. They are designed to pick out key words and put it out as comments in sentences. That's why sometimes you see nonsensical phrases as their program syntax follows certains rules that make the sentences unintelligible. The purpose of this is, of course, to get Chun See's USERS to click on the link and thereby get 'captured' . Most probably by clicking the spam, your own link is added to the .bot that controls the spam.

Sharifah said...

Congratulations on your book: looking forward to getting a copy.