Thursday, May 12, 2011

A word of advice to the politicians

Nearly a week has passed since the general elections and still I get daily emails and articles about it.

I have always tried to keep Good Morning Yesterday free of political and social issues. Nevertheless, I cannot resist giving a small bit of advice or rather, reminder to the politicians. To quote my favourite platoon sergeant major in OCS, Encik Rahman from more than thirty years ago,:

“Don’t every time say say but never do!”


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, this trend of "say say but never do" is perpetuated by MIW who enjoy speaking with forked tongue.

sadly, the MIW also claimed they are deaf frogs.
so how to give advice? i say kick their butts is better! but 60% failed to do so when they had the chance.

Beng Tian said...

We are all connected in one way or another. Therefore, cannot escape one :)

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Aha, you've got the crux of the matter Sir.

When you ram rubbish down a person's throat, retaliation is swift.

r4ds said...

I must have to give one Advice to the Politician is a "Please, Stop the Corruption and something do for the People".

peter said...

The recitation of the Singapore National Pledge was one big difference I found from the political rallies. I dont understand how come the Opposition got everybody to say it but I didnt hear anything from MIW? This was very unusual for 2 consecutive General Elections (2006and 2011). Is this compulsory?

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see MIW reciting the National Pledge, I see nothing but hypocrites doing so. Clearest example of "say say but never do"

Remember the MIW have claimed to be deaf frogs, so whatever advice is wasted. I believe kicking their butts is the only way. But sadly, 60% failed to do so when they had the chance.
"again say say but never do"

yg said...

chun see,
i have observed that whenever election comes around, the pro-opposition faction tends to be more vocal. the other group tends to be more subdued.
the ardent supporters of both factions behave like people who are in love; either they don't see the flaws in their suitors or they choose to overlook them.
in a keenly contested election, the swing voters is a critical deciding factor. in singapore, some of these voters sway all the way to the polling station. then, at the last minute, they get panicky and decide to vote safely.

Zen said...

In hainan island they say when a coconut falls it is likely to hit a graduate. Similarly the present generation of Singaporeans are highly educated. It is wise for politicians to 'think three time before taking action' (a chinese saying). This applies both to the ruling party as well as the opposition. Another wise saying which goes like this: watch what a person does and not what he says. Therefore 'political wayang wayang' has no place in this country - everybody please sit up!

Lam Chun See said...

I think some of the things said by the pro-opposition are overboard. For one thing, the anti-foreigners rhetoric is excessive and does a great deal of harm; and very hurting to those who have already come to call Spore home.

Evil, corrupt. These are very strong words.

Anonymous said...

I think there are many people upset with bread and butter issues. Coupled with the perceived high-handedness of the government, rising prices and the sudden increase in the population, everywhere has become more crowded. Inspite of impressive GDP growth, people's salaries have not kept pace. But the ministers salaries keep increasing. LKY tried to create a Mandarin class to rule Spore as a corporate state, taking the best from the civil service. I think GE11 results show the govt has to reevaluate their approach. The anti-immigration cry is just an tool to hit the govt policies. Making an MP like Janil Puthucheary, who has never done National Service, is bound to upset people. And having someone like Tin Pei Ling, who is the wife of a PM's principal secretary, shows a level of arrogance and 'out-of-touch' attitude on the part of the govt. I hope this is a wake-up call to the govt. There is now a younger generation of internet savvy voters who will not accept everything that is given to them. Our generation, who experienced kampong life, political riots, lawlessness of the secret societies, unhygenic sanitation systems, economic uncertainty, are dwindling. Unfortunately, politicians in govt who experienced those things, are also dwindling. With their million dollar packages, it's inevitable.

mahjong said...

Now a days, Many Politicians are Selfish and they doesn't do anything for country and they have do some Illegal Activity and Misuse his Power of Authority. So, Please Stop these type of Activity and do something for Country.

fr said...

Years ago, people would not say they support the oppositions. Nowadays, it seems it is the opposite - it is not fashionable to say you support the Government.

However, the results 60% speak for itself. I believe these people have more to agree than to disagree with government policies.

peter said...

There are issues raised by readers which I have to agree.

Elected MPs beside implementing government policies are required to perform their role as "speaker of their constituency". I get the impression that "Meet the People Sessions" have lost their usefulness because MPs are not dedicated to their jobs as PAP MPs of the pre-1970 era. I can understand that MPs who hold ministerial duties need to travel or busy such that they give "Meet The People's Session" a miss. But then they had able branch party cadres who did a wonderful job as petition-writers to study a case thoroughly and appeal on behalf of the petitioner to various government ministries and statutory boards.

Today's MPs prefer to spend time on the golf course and be seen at Singapore Tatler functions. You can check this publication and find so many Mps attending this party or that product launch.

Today "Meet The People Session" is like going to see your private GP. "Ting" , next please! Do you think today's MPs would welcome some constituents to their homes (in the event of emergency appeals)?

So what has changed? People's problems or the style we take to politics?

herbal tea said...

Some Politician are fighting in each other with the Reason of Partition and Religion, it's really bad and that's why stop this type of fighting and do something fir all the People of country.