Saturday, July 03, 2010

Singapore – A guide for businessmen and visitors

A friend who heard of my craze for old stuff related to Singapore lent me this magazine that she happened to have kept since 1961. Flipping through the pages of this half-century old publication of the Ministry of Culture, I came across some interesting historical facts.

Social services: Singapore

"At the last census held in June, 1957 the number of persons enumerated in Singapore was 1,445,929. The estimated population at the end of 1960 was 1,665,400 showing an increase of 219,500 during the past 3 ½ years…..

With a high birth rate and low death rate, the population is growing rapidly and is expected to pass the two million mark by 1967. The bulk of the population is in the young age groups, e.g. in the 1957 census, the number of persons under 20 years of age will constitute approximately 56 per cent of the total population as a result of the large number of persons born immediately after 1946 entering into the reproductive age groups.

The crude birth rate in 1960 was 37.8 per thousand population. The crude death rate declined from 6.4 per thousand population in 1959 to 6.2 in 1960. The infant mortality rate also declined from for 36.0 per thousand live-births in 1959 to 34.9 in 1960.

The rapid increase in population makes a heavy call on the resources of the State to provide health, education and other social services and adequate housing for its people."

Anyone recognize where is/was this 'modern housing estate'?

Equally interesting are some of the advertisements.

Finally here’s an old building quiz based on a photo on page 31. What building is this and where was it located?


peter said...

Radio Singapore @Caldecott Hill

PChew said...

Peter is right. The building was Radio Singapore at Caldecott Hill.

Victor said...

The "modern housing estate" is the 7-storey SIT flats at Redhill Close. My mum's friend used to live there and we visited her quite often. I used to play with her children who were about the same age as me.

The flats are still around today but they have been upgraded with new facades.

Lam Chun See said...

I thought my quiz quetion was very tough. But forgot we have some 'experts' in our midst.

Victor. Do you know the block? Maybe can do a 'second shot'.

peter said...

I thot it was those blocks at Jalan Bukit Merah and Jalan Bukit Merah the road in the foreground BUT then bcos the blocks were slanted, I got somewhat confused.

Victor said...

I think the block which my mum's friend stayed in was Blk 7 or 8. I remember there was a bus terminus nearby. Indeed, you could see some buses on the left side of the photo. Near the bus terminus, there was this big tree which bore bunches of little cherry-like fruits. We would pluck the fruits and eat them.

I don't think it is possible to take a 2nd shot of your photo today as the empty land in the foreground is now occupied by HDB flats and the food centre.

Peter, to get you orientated, Jalan Bukit Merah should be located BEHIND the flats in the photo, not in front.

Lam Chun See said...

I think Victor is probably right about those flats being at Redhill Close. I was at Bukit Merah Central yesterday and decided to take a drive along Redhill Close. Indeed there are several flats there that resembled those in this photo. But to identify exactly which ones, I will definitely need the help of this 'Charlie Chan'.

Victor said...

I went to the location recently too. If Charlie Chan were to attempt a 2nd shot, he will find that there are more than just balls blocking him - there are flats and trees obstructing the view. Can never get another shot from the same angle.