Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seeking your views about Queenstown heritage project

I received an email from a group of Innova Junior College students.

“My group is taking on a project regarding the conservation of Queenstown's history. Through our project, we intend to educate more Singaporeans about the significance of Queenstown as a historical landmark.”

Among their questions are these two which I hope readers; especially those who know about the history of Queenstown, can help them out with some inputs. Thank you.

1. What are your views on the redevelopment of Queenstown?

2. We would like to propose a heritage gallery cum mini cafe to showcase Queenstown through the ages. Do you have any suggestions on how we could further improve on this idea?

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Icemoon said...

Is there a Queenstown heritage blog somewhere? We have Tiong Bahru fans, Pasir Panjang fans, Bishan fan (Pinto, what happened to your Bishan blog?), Ubin fans etc.