Friday, February 08, 2008

Chinese New Year Greetings

This year I received many Chinese New Year greetings in the form of Chinese couplets or poems. The cutest one I thing is this one from K C Leong, an ex-colleague from Philips Audio factory in Toa Payoh. I met him when I gave that talk on blogging to Seniors at RSVP last November. We have not met since I left Philips in 1984.

运气好,Toto, 4D 中到 Singapore Pools 倒。

But seriously, if you want Singapore Pools to collapse, the best way is not to patronize them. Hope the day will come when people go to sports stadiums to queue for football tickets not 4D tickets as what was happening here.

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Anonymous said...

Just as I read this story, the CNN highlights the news that quite a number of Mafia men are arrested for running illegal enterprises in the US, among which gambling is one of them. As long as there are crimes in a country, gambling would be inevitably involved. Since most governments are unable to control such activity, the natural course would be to join in and squeeze the smaller players out (not unlike NTUC fair price). They argue that if they cramp down on these illegal gambling syndicates, they would simply operate underground, making control more difficult. The relevant authority claims that much revenue collected by the legal gambling industry (like Singapore Pool, Turf club and the rest) would rechannel back to charitable organisations. They adopts the principle of: 'if we cannot beat them- join them'.