Sunday, December 23, 2007

Toys were us (10) - Rubber Band Shooter (by Chuck Hio)

In an earlier post that Chun See wrote about making skipping ropes with rubber bands, I wrote about using the Rubber Band Shooter in a game using rubber bands in the comments section. Here's a recap:

1. Take 2 sticks and stick in on the ground about 8 - 10 inches apart. The rubber band of yesteryears can be stretch that long.

2. A rubber band is then stretch to both ends.

3. We put our own rubber bands on top of that stretch rubber band as out stakes.
4. At a distance of about 10 - 12 feet, we try to shoot the rubber bands down with our specially made shooter.

5. The rubber bands shot down is our winnings.
6. However, if our shooter some how got entangled with the stick or rubber band, then it is 'disqualified' and cannot claim any rubber band.

Here are 2 photos to show you what our Rubber Shooter looked like (top) and how we used it (bottom).


Anonymous said...

Just wanna wish you Merry Xmas and happy new year to you and your family Uncle Lam!!!

Take care!!

Zen said...

I am not so innovative as Chuck as far as using rubber bands as far as playing of games. As a kid I was quite sadistic and like to use rubber bands to shoot at insects - from house flies to dragon flies with quite a bit of accurarcy. Insects were found in abundance in a kampong environment and my greatest pleasure was to sneak up behind a perching dragon fly on a low lying plant near a pond, nipping it by the tail, knowing that it would not bite, Surprisingly dragon fly was not very alert when someone approached it from behind it. Naughty kids sometime tied a long string onto the caught dragon fly's tail, running along as the insect flew. Those were the days!

Edward said...

Apart from fighting spiders, hum tam bola, marbles, kuti kuti, there are a couple of boys’ games that haven’t been mentioned – “ang kong chuar” and “ker lay lek”. The “ang kong chuar” is like a picture card, except that it is made of paper. Pictures of tv characters (like Batman, Spiderman, Tarzan etc) and cartoon characters are featured on them. Every piece has a number which allowed betting on the game. The game is played when one player sets 3 piles of his “ang kong chuar” faced down. The other players then bet by placing piles of “ang kong chuar” in front of one or more of the 3 uncovered piles. The first player then turns over the uncovered piles and the pile with the highest number wins. So if you placed 30 “ang kong chuars” on this pile, you will be paid 30. If there are 2 similar numbers amongst the 3 piles, then the winning bets will be paid double. Of course if all three numbers are the same, then all bets will be paid treble the amount.

“Ker Lay Lek” is really a silly boys’ game. It is played with a flat piece of stone. The serious “ker lay lek” player often uses a flat marble piece. A line is drawn on the ground about 14 feet away and the goal is for players to land their flat stones on this line. The stone which is closest to this line wins. The loser has to piggy back the winner to the line. If a player lands his flat stone on this line he shouts out loud “Ker Lay Lek!” He is rewarded by pulling the ear of the loser all the way to the line. So if you keep losing you will end up with a long ear, or a very sore back if your opponent is a fat boy whom you have to piggy back.