Monday, November 26, 2007

Take part in the Heritage Photobloging Competition

Sorry, this may be a little late; but still not too late.

Yes, I am doing my bit to promote the National Heritage Board’s events. What I want to highlight is the National Heritage Board’s first photoblogging competition. It’s very easy to take part. Even I can do it! All you have to do is

1: Attend an Explore Singapore! event and take lots of photos
2: Blog about it on your blog (remember to post the pictures!)
3: Visit the Explore Singapore! Heritage In Pictures webpage to register your blog post url.

Athough it’s a bit late, there are still several events left till the closing date which is 31 December 2007. Here are some of the interesting events that you can attend.

  • Discover More with Mark Lee! (1 Dec)

  • Taxi-drivers’ Open House with Mark Lee (7 Dec)

  • Singapore Storeys – Guided Tour (weekdays)

  • Philately in Action (4 Dec)

  • Spices Recipes (7 Dec)

For your information, the first prize is a Nikon D40 kit! Like what the guy in the Courts advertisement said .. So what are you waiting for?


Shao Hongxi, Singapore said...

I was born opp Maxwell Market and grew up in Neil Rd, New World Amusement Park, Upper Pickering St. Since we are from the same generation, I am inviting you, everyone who visited this blog, to visit mine at.. and
Does you or anyone has pics of the cowhead & 7th fairy festival? I miss the good times. Shao Hongxi

Anonymous said...

MY cantonese clan association at Lorong 8 Geylany once asked me to join n listen to operas, I forgotten the dialect (almost. Worst still I dont do business in HK anymore