Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ipoh Snippets

For the benefit of my fellow Singaporeans who cannot follow my banter with my Ipoh friends in the comments of my previous post, here are a couple of photos of Ipoh town.

The first photo shows the old Odeon Theatre that Aiyah Nonya spoke about (I think). There are lots of makan stalls here at night. Wish some of the foodies here have the chance to try Ipoh food. Mo tuck ting ah!!


The second photo shows the Sam Tet (pronounced Sam Tuck, 三德) Primary School.. According to my sister-in-law, another veteran science teacher, all students at Sam Tet are schooled in 3 essential skills: sik tuck, fun tuck and orr tuck - Can Eat, Can Sleep and Can Shit.



aiyah nonya said...

Yes,that is the old Odeon cinema.I remember going there to see 'Gone with The Wind' with my Mother.
Later on it turned in to a disco lounge.

The boys from Sam Tet are also known as 'sam tuck wor seong'.That used to be a Chinese ed chatolic school for boys.Where as the St Michaels are for the English ed boys.That was before the government took over the management.

The missionary schools for girls are at Ave Maria(Chinese) and CHIJ(English).
The convent girls are 'arch enenmies' with those 'sam tuck wor seong'!
They are real 'cina ah pek'! :)

Maybe because they speak Mandarin and we are more comfartable in English.How do we communicate when we do meet up .....cantonese-lah.

Thanks for the memories.

aiyah nonya said...

I forgot to mention that it is a secondary and primary school ,all in one coumpound.The picture you took just happen to be the primary section.Opposite the Ipoh Parade is where the secondary school is.

Anonymous said...

There is beauty in small town life. These photos remind me of my trip to Malacca sometime around 1978. The sale staff of my wife company came to know that I worked in PSA which had holiday chalets (eight of them) in sea-side Malacca and pleaded to my wife to apply two chalets so that they could enjoy in them. I agreed and asked my wife how many days they wanted to apply. The answer was one and a half days. I was astounded: "What! one day. What can we do with such a short stay". My wife replied that the staff needed to reach Malacca on Saturday afternooo to, check in and checked out on Sunday afternoon, and report for work on Monday morning. Even in the seventies, we Singaporeans led a break-neck life, burning candle at both ends. I agreed to the arrangement, but with one condition. I paid for the chalets, and they provided the transport (company cars) for my wife, my elder daughter and I. Our timing was excellent, it was durian season and apparently everyone had a great time despite the short stay. I shall stop here, no space for a lengthy story.

Lam Chun See said...

My wife and her sisters went to Ave Maria. Nowadats, new policy says must go to school near your home. So my niece and nephew go to Sam Choy in Pasir Puteh area.

During my last trip, we went bowling at Ipoh Parade. So cheap compared to here.

Visits to Ipoh give my kids opportunity to pick up some Cantonese, such as "Hmm moi kom teem." Their tea is soooo sweet.

Anonymous said...

I have not been to Ipoh for a long time, maybe 20 years..I miss the 'mo tuck ting' food like hor fun...

I see there is a yellow box.. the traffic must be quite heavy in the town

Is there an airport in Ipoh?

aiyah nonya said...

OMG,The Ipoh airport ....it has been ages,really ages since I went near there.
'chap lap' or not? No idea.
With the North South H'way being so convenient and cheaper,not many will take the plane.

Lam Chun See,any idea if it is still around ?
You are right about the bowling alley.

fr - Traffic definitly heavier than 20 years ago.But don't be put off by the traffic.Make a trip up for the 'moh tuck ting' food. :)

Lam Chun See said...

Of yes, it's there. Quite near my house in fact, can hear the planes. In fact I just drove by it last trip out of curiosity. Looks like the one at Senai.

Anonymous said...

Simple things can actually be very interesting. During the short Malacca trip, the sale manager, his wife and daughter ate a lot of durians during lunch and dinner. Not only that, they loaded their car booth full of durians on the way back to Singapore. His sale staff drove their Ford Cortinas as though there was no tomorrow. At that moment, I thought I was heading to hell when the car I was in leapt airborned over a small bridge. It was then I realised how these sale guys were really very stressed people, waiting for a chance to loosen even just for a day.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

sorry, i forgot to leave my email in my earlier post. My email is seifong@mediacorp.com.sg



Sei Fong

aiyah nonya said...

I always remember the aiport where we can stand near the tarmac. Wave and kiss goodbye to our love ones over the fence.And if they happen to seat at the window we are able to see them waving at us.
The roar from the engines were real loud.Since we were standing right next to it. As kids I remember trying to shout louder than the roar of the engines with my siblings. No wonder I am getting a bit deaf now ! :)
That was during the 70s.

Durians in the car booth - My father will fill up the back seat too during the durian seasons. Then we will have a durian feast with sambal belachan.Yummy !
Alas,that is then. Now there is no one around to finish that many durians anymore.

Anonymous said...

You must be wondering what those stressed sales guys did during their one day stay in the Malacca chalets. Most of the time they hid inside the rooms gambling away and they unanimously agreed to drink in a bar down-town at night, wanting to pull along their manager. When the sales manager's wife came to know of the planned drinking session, she hit the ceiling, banning her husband from going. The plan fell through and instead all of us proceeded to an restaurant named bamboo (?) The total spent on the dinner which came to about S$100 plus, S$13 per head. The makan was about 8 to 9 courses, included beer, very cheap. I need not pay, that was in the deal.

Anonymous said...

lol, i am just a kid from this school. I am in United States rignt now and it bring back memories about it. :( :( :( :( :(