Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine’s Day Flower

My wife and I do not believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day. But even though we did not buy any Valentine’s Day flowers - but we did buy a few pots of Chinese New Year flowers though - flowers arrived at our front door yesterday in the form of yet another Ribbon Plant bloom. (Actually only one flower)

Just 2 weeks ago, I blogged about seeing the flowers of the Ribbon Plant or Lucky Bamboo (观音竹) in my garden for the first time. I checked the date of the photos and it turned out that it was 26 February 2006. Does that mean that our Ribbon Plant blooms every February? If the reader who commented that this blooming of the Ribbon Plant symbolizes good luck and prosperity (觀音竹開花,富貴榮華!), then can I expect good fortune to come my way?

Of course we do not believe that sort of stuff, but certainly, I am happy to see the flowers again and share more photos with you here.

Here’s wishing everyone, Chinese and non-Chinese, a Blessed Chinese New Year. May the Lord grant you your heart’s desires.




Lucky bamboo (3)


Unknown said...

Chun See, thanks for your wonderful contributions to and comments on cooler insights too! Have a wonderful Chinese New Year with your loved ones and remember to blog about it. Xin nian kuai le, wan si ru yi!

eastcoastlife said...

First time I see the flowers of a Lucky Bamboo! I'm gonna have good luck. Maybe if I take a picture with the flower I'll have better luck. hehe.....

Pauline said...

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year 2007.

Victor said...

To Chun See:


And to all the others who believe in it:


Anonymous said...

Happy chinese new year to you chun see. Thank you for posting your blog - enjoy reading them very much! Reminds me of home and life in my father's time.

Anonymous said...

All these blooming of flowers, giving these wonderful nature-endowed gifts to your loved ones, has a feel good and uplifting effect. All these are win-win, the flower- growers, the florists, the givers and finally the receivers - all contribute to a happly new year for everyone, including the blogging community ...cheers, good luck everyone and yum seng.

Chris Sim said...

Chun See, your title always so misleading one. I tot u gonna blog about Valentine's Day leh.

The blooming flowers symbolise "好遇招"!The golden pig will bring you lots of fortune and good health!

billyborden423 said...

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