Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lame Jokes

One of my young friends at pointed out that my jokes are 'corny'. I am not sure what exactly that means; but I share with you what often happens at dinner table.

Whenever I tell a joke, my 3 rascals will, like groan in unison. "Papaaaa ... that is so lame."

Well I think all the 'laudies' reading this post will agree with me that the kids should be thankful that their old man is at least around to tell them lame jokes at the dinner table. I understand that many Singaporean fathers, and even mothers don't even eat dinners with their children; to the extent that our government has to run a campaign, with advertisements and all, to remind parents to eat at least 1 or 2 dinners with their children a week.

In fact, they should thank God just for the fact that their family is intact, considering that divorce rates in Singapore are rising at a frightening rate. (see these reports: State of Singapore Families and Divorce Rate at Record High)

Anyway, I ocassionally, I do get the chance to turn the tables of them. And right now, I am hatching an evil plan to compile all the lamest jokes I can find through the internet and bombard the 3 jokers with them.

Any suggestions?


Victor said...

One lame joke or rather riddle which my young man just told me is as follows (you may want to make it as one of your compilation):

What does James Gomez have in common with Tom Cruise?

Give up?

Take one aspirin and call me back tomorrow.

Okay, the answer is as follows:

They both starred in Minority Report, wahaha.

Another suggestion for you to bond with your children is to blog together with them. I am doing that right now.

me said...

hahha very interesting, but I really love the line : the kids should be thankful that their old man is at least around to tell them lame jokes at the dinner table.

i like this, very much.

Lionel Tan said...


Chris Sim said...

Chun See - from one papa to another papa ....
"That is so lame" - I learn this expression from my sec 2 son when he was in upper primary. We certainly didn't use expression like that when we were their age, did we? So lame hor? Hahaha.

Victor - blogging with your kid? And I tot only the "laudie" in your family loves to blog? How did u spark his interest? Must share some parenting tips mah.

Francis Ho said...

If that's any consolation at all - my kids say the same thing about my 'lamb' jokes! *sigh*

And much to their chagrin; their schoolmates are reading my blog and think it's 'cool'!
So I had the last laugh on 'em! ;)

Anonymous said...

hi uncle lam, i reckon i shd drop by since i'm a big fan of chris & grampa vic's how can i miss yours out!

do visit my blog if u hv the time (maybe u already hv), i'm a baking/cooking enthusiast!

Anonymous said...

Parents - beware of the generation gap, not only in communication, but practically many facets of the present society. For instance formerly marriage is supposed to be sacred, but now divorce is considered as normal. The cohesion the of family is starting to loosen.

Ivan Chew said...

Chun See, if Frank Llyod Wright had an evil twin brother, what would his brother's name be? (email me and I'll post the answer)

Ivan Chew said...

Ok Chun See, you emailed me to say you give up. Here's the answer -- the evil twin of Frank Lloyd Wright is "Frank Lloyd Wrong"!!! Hey I didn't make this up ok. Neil Gaiman wrote this in his novel "American Gods". :)

Lam Chun See said...

Ivaaaaan ..... (groaning).. that is so lame. Of course I got the 'Wrong' part right (hehe), but I was searching for a male name that's opposite of Frank.