Friday, March 10, 2006

Toys Were Us (3): Kledek – By Chuck Hio

My friend, Chun See has labeled me a ‘weapons expert’. So today I will teach you a simple game that is somewhat less violent. It’s called kledek. 2 to 5 persons can play this game.

1. Draw 2 parallel lines on the ground at a distance of about 10 to 15 feet apart. One line is the starting point and the other is the target point.

2. Each player, get yourself a piece of flat, round stone of about 2 inches in diameter. Our time, we usually used broken cement.

3. Standing behind the start line, try to cast your stone as near to the target line as possible. The one nearest is the winner and the one furthest is the loser.

4. As a penalty, the loser must carry the winner piggy-back from the start line to the target line and back. The last will carry the first, the second last carries the second and so on.

5. Next the winner will throw one of his slippers to a distance of 10 to15 feet away, and challenges the loser to throw his slipper to hit the winner’s slipper.

6. If he accepts the challenge and succeeds, the ‘punishment’ is ended. If he misses, he has to carry the winner for another round and the same thing is repeated.

7. If the loser chooses not to accept the challenge, then the winner will throw his second slipper to try and hit the first slipper. If he succeeds, then the loser has to carry him for another round, and the same thing is repeated. If he misses, the ‘punishment’ ends.

For the girls who find piggy-ridding too unladylike, they can pull ears instead.


Victor said...

Chun See, I thought kledek means yam in Malay? Wah, you added your photo in your profile. Very nicely taken but looks a bit serious and intimidating leh. No mistake, it was definitely you I saw at Sentosa.

Lam Chun See said...

Victor. You shd have spoken to me then. Shirley Mclaine was right.

"Fear makes strangers out of people who should be friends".
(From her autobiography - Don't Fall Off That Mountain)

Chris Sim said...

I don't get it. Whatever Shirley Mclaine meant. Coming from Chun See, it should have been "Blogging makes strangers out of people who should be friends".

Victor, why don't you just meet Chun See and have a cuppa? Our cafeteria is quite cozy. Then you guys can adjourn to "Hua Song", a stone's throw away. Perfect. As the saying goes, 有缘千里来相会。

Victor said...

Chun See's responses are always so chim one. They never fail to make me search (and research) the Internet to find out the answers. Luckily with ready web access nowadays, they are always at my fingertips.

Chun See, I don't mean that you looked serious and intimidating in real person. (In fact, I think that you were smiling when I saw you at Sentosa - maybe you were very happy that your child had won the competition.) Sorry if I was misunderstood - what I meant was that the photo in your profile does, perhaps because you were not smiling. I am sure that you are less intimidating than you look. Don't they always say that barking dogs don't usually bite?

I am certain that there will be lots of opportunity to meet up with you, whether within the Roundtable or without. (Remember the upcoming popiah feast which Evan is cooking for us?)

Lam Chun See said...

Unfortunately the MGS team that won did not include my daughter. My wife just happened to be the teacher in charge, and as her topo is terrible, I was dragged along. I hate crowded places.

I think popiah fest is good idea.

Lam Chun See said...

That photo of mine was taken at a meeting. My trainees were making a presentation and I was concentrating.

I always did look fiercer than reality. You know what the men in my platoon told me. When they first saw me, they said, "Die, this pc looks dam ngiow (fierce)". What they didn't say was, "you turned out to be a pussy cat".

In my years as a platoon commander, until age 50, I had a clean record of not putting anyone on charge. Except for 1 technical case - beyond my control type. My own sgt some more.

Anonymous said...

Did Sonny learnt from fh20 about kayaking ?

Lam Chun See said...

No. He joined school team from Sec 1 - about 3 years already.