Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gunong Brinchang – Some Afterthoughts

Last weekend I finally managed to compile the photos and video clips of my Ipoh/Cameron Highlands trip into a DVD for my relatives. Viewing them again convinced me that going on such jungle treks and hill climbs are great for family bonding and building mutual care. Viewing the videos after the event is also great fun.

Looking at the videos, I realized how unfit I have become. There were a few points where the slope was particularly steep and my son had to lend a hand to pull me up; and the girls as well. Then on the downhill trip, I heard shouts of, “Slow down; wait for papa!”

I really recommend you to go for such a hike with your family. For a start you can go to Bt Timah Hill or MacRitchie Reservoir. Another place you can consider, which is quite near, is the Kota Tinggi Rain Forest Resort (cannot remember exact name) which we went to during the June holidays.


Dee said...

Yeah!! Indeed such trip together as family can bond one another together ;-) Wish you and your family a blessed new year ahead!! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Chun See
Reading your episode, I sure hope that my children do not ahve to shout, 'Wait for Dad'.....
I have been climbing the Scottish mountains each averages around 3000 ft. You may like to consider one of those climbs with me in the summer!

Chun Sing (Simon)

Lam Chun See said...

In that case you will be hearing, "Wait for me, Simon".

Anonymous said...

One of my relatives, a young lady, took up jogging to reduce weight, but her jogging usually ends up in a food centre. She would then have a nice meal and heads back home in a bus. So to keep fit we should try Bt Timah first before thinking of Simon's Scottish Mountains.

pinto said...

Hi Mr Lam,

Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. It's such an apt analogy.

Yah, our nature trails are excellent starting points. All very do-able.