Sunday, November 27, 2005


Hey! How come nobody could identify the singer of this song? Anyway, the singer was 尤雅. I believe she was popular in the early seventies.

My favorite Chinese singers from that era were 青山and 姚蘇蓉.

My favorite 青山song was 唯一爱的人. At one time, we had an EP (45 rpm record) with this song on 1 side. Not long ago, I came across a CD with this song in Rochore Centre. Cost only a few bucks.

My favorite姚蘇蓉song was 不得了. I once heard it being performed live by the famous ‘Laurel and Hardy of Singapore’, Wang Sa and Yeh Fong at a theatre located at the present Mustaffa Centre. I think it was called President Theatre. It was so hilarious we (as they say in Hokkien) ‘laughed until stomachache’.

At that show, a famous Taiwanese singer by the name of Chang Ti also performed. This guy could improvise the lyrics of any song given to him.

Actually, now that the brains start racking, there is another 姚蘇蓉 song that I liked very much. It's called 秋水伊人.The lyrics are very touching. So all you young people out there. I presume you have not heard this song before. I give you the opening lines and you try to guess what this song is all about.

望穿秋水,不见伊人的倩影, 更残漏尽,孤雁两三声; 往日的温情,只换得眼前的凄情.


Tah Chung said...

This song is like a vintage wine that has aged well over the years.

When I was a kid, while finding this song nice, at the same time I felt that it was 老土.

More and more, I find its lyrics touching and capable of evoking memories of poignant moments from the past.

Every Saturday 5pm, on 98.5FM, there's a programme called 客笼音乐 (clone music) where the DJ will play a song (not necessarily Mandarin song) from the era before 1970 and then followed by the same song re-recorded in more recent times by singers of Mandarin songs.

I used to dread listening to those archaic songs, but over the years, came to appreciate them. I looked forward to listening to this programme in the car when sending my young daughter to tuition every Saturday.

She will voice her objection and I used to laugh it off. But then I remember how I used to dread such oldies and so I spare her the torture and only listen after she gets off the car :) .

Lam Chun See said...

I had the same feeling about this song called; 可爱的人生. Used to find it so silly. But now that I am older, I find the words quite meaningful actually :)

Lam Chun See said...

Shouldn't that be 95.8FM?

Tah Chung said...

Yes, it's 95.8FM. I should have heard 可爱的人生 before but didn't register the song title. Will listen to the lyrics the next time I hear it.

There's another good programme on Sunday 7pm to 12 midnight, 97.2FM which plays Mandarin songs from the 80s.

XinLi29288 said...

Isn't Mustafa Centre where the former New World Park was?